baby, what’s your number?

my cellphone conked out last week.  and so i have spent the past how many nights transferring my contacts from the old phone to a new one.   it was tiring, it was tedious and to a certain extent, it was frustrating. since my sim won’t accept more numbers, i had to manually key in most numbers and save it in the new unit.  it was truly time consuming. 

the whole exercise made me realize a number of things.  for one, i didn’t know that i had more than a hundred contacts in my cellphone.  i have friends, non-friends, fastfood chains, schools… you name it, i think i have it in my phone.  but when i think about it, i hardly talk to anyone using my cell.  i think i send messages to a privileged few… but judging from the number of contacts that i have, one would think i am a politician… or a publicist… or someone from the mail list service company.

another thing i realized is that gone are the days when i took effort to remember the phone numbers of my friends, even my family members.   i used to take pride in easily memorizing — and reciting — different phone numbers.  but now, because it is so easy to ‘save’ contacts, geesh, i am totally reliant on my phone.  and so when my phone conked out, i felt paralyzed.  like, someone sends me a sweet text message, and since i have no idea whose number it was, i had to reply with, “who is this please?”   it’s a shame, really! 

i have practically allowed a small chip to do the thinking and memorizing for me.  less work for my brain cells… bigger chances of making brain cells shrink due to atrophy (if that’s ever possible).

after successfully moving about 3/4 of my contacts to the new unit,  i realized that there still are messages AND pictures stored in the old one.  okay, so now more than ever, i feel like i cannot part with the old unit — because it has MY memories stored in it. 

thoughtful messages from friends… sweet messages from relatives… really funny messages that made me smile whenever i read them… messages that i can use for blackmail… bible verses… birthday greetings (two years counting)… greetings from other festive occasions… HOW can i part with those???

i have reminders in my phone.. of birthdays, anniversaries, important events.  and then there are the pictures… of people, places, and different events and happenings.  there are pictures of moments.  wonderful moments.  pictures that i know i should find time to save elsewhere before i totally discard of the phone.

yes, modern technology has brought us a long way.  technology has made a lot of things possible, and in a sense helped make things easier… made people feel closer… everything is now within reach… the world now seems much smaller. 

yet in the process, there are things, too, that i stopped doing… or i have forgotten to do… because there is something that can do the work for me.  i store names and numbers instead of memorizing them… i send text messages instead of actually talking to people… i take pictures using my phone and leave the pictures there, undeveloped, until the phone conks out and i lose them.  sometimes i feel so paranoid when i don’t receive any text message the whole day.  it’s like i suddenly became friendless or unpopular…. maybe paranoid and psycho is more apt.

i therefore resolve that i will not let my cellphone rule my existence from now on.  i will try to remember the numbers of the people who matter… and yes, of my favorite food places, as well.  i will remember birthdays, anniversaries.  i will make an effort. 

there simply are things that should not be just saved in a microchip.  there are things… moments… that should be embedded in one’s mind and heart.