Things that made me smile today…

1.  Looking at the picture of my favorite boys — my son and my two nephews.  They are just so adorable it melts my heart.

2.  Watching my son’s baseball game.  I didn’t just smile. I roared and cheered.  It was just pure joy watching those boys play.

3.  A facebook message from a ghost from the past. Made me realize that there are people you forget, and there are people who remember you.

4.  Justin Bieber song  Baby.  Drives me crazy everytime I hear it, yet once it’s in my head, I simply can’t stop singing.

5.  Unexpected bank account balance.  There is a money angel after all.

6.  New red lipstick.

7.  Buying something nice for my sister.

8.  My baseball mom friends.  Their stories, jokes and paranoia.

9.  A little boy named Marco.

10.  Staying under the sun and the scorching heat without being catty and whiney.  Helps to know that I don’t sweat, I glow.

11.  Enjoying a long shower after a hot, exhausting day. 

12.  A monkey bear.

13. Writing a seemingly senseless blog… Just because.

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