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There’s really nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon hanging out with a girl friend… over coffee — or iced tea… talking about past escapades, present happenings and future adventures…

I had such a blast with a good friend this afternoon. We giggled like little girls, exchanged anecdotes, talked about people we liked and we didn’t like.  We laughed at the silliest jokes — and people… and after realizing how silly we were becoming, we laughed some more.   Time truly flies when you’re having fun.   

Here’s to all the girl friends out there who love and accept you for who you are.

Friends do make one’s life bearable and worthwhile…

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Breathe easy


 Sometimes I stare off to space, not really thinking of anything.  Sometimes, I think of a LOT of things.  Sometimes I wonder if the things I do make a difference.  I ask myself if I do want to make a difference, or am I happy being the way I am… going with the flow… living life a day at a time.

What do I want to leave behind?  What will be my legacy?  Is it enough that I am a mother, a partner, a friend?  Am I a good person?  Do people appreciate the attention and affection that I give them?  Do I make people smile? Do I give meaning to someone’s life… Make a person’s life more meaningful just because of my mere existence? 

Or will I be easily forgotten?


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quiet Friday night

Friday night…

Almost a lifetime ago,  Friday nights were spent either partying or clubbing.  Sometimes I would just hang out with friends — or boyfriends… Stay at TGIFriday’s till the place closes, or watch whatever movie was showing, and not go home till early Saturday morning.

Having a family changed everything.  Now, Friday nights are spent helping son do homework (to free up Saturdays… or at least try to)… or on some Fridays, it means entertaining visitors at home — not my old partying friends, but new friends and their families or my relatives… I have turned into a domestic diva.

Sometimes — no, make that most of the time — I honestly would rather just stay home on a Friday night and rest after a long week.  It’s the time I would rather spend watching tv… NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, or whatever rerun they are showing.  I would stay glued in front of the tv till 2am because I know that I don’t have to wake up at such an ungodly hour the following day.

Last night I decided to read a book.  I went on a special trip to the bookstore yesterday afternoon to get myself something that will keep me busy on a Friday night.  I ended up with a warm, mushy, light-read from James Patterson.    For a few hours i was transported to la la land of the loving. 

Truth be told, the seemingly quiet, uneventful Friday night turned out to be one that I truly enjoyed…

walking on sunshine

Been smiling a lot lately. 

Sometimes i walk in the mall and i hear the song “Walking on sunshine” playing over and over inside me head.  Makes me want to skip… which would make me look pretty silly, so i just continue smiling from ear to ear instead.

I guess this is how it is when you’re at peace with the world.  When you don’t depend on other people to make you happy… when you appreciate the things around you… when you don’t expect too much from others.  Somehow, every small thing that you receive — whether attention or affection, is enough to put a smile on your face.  Maybe it’s the joy that emanates from within, not the happiness that you derive from other people, that really matters after all.

Sometimes i get scared, too.  The silly, negative side of me keeps whispering that one cannot stay happy for too long.  That soon, my bubble will burst, and my la la land existence will dissipate.  Talk about being negative.

But no, i will stay the course.  I shall shun all the negative stuff, all the things that keep pulling me down.  It is not wrong — nor bad– to be happy… to have joy.  So i shall savor this feeling.

I’m walking on sunshine… and it feels so darned good.

Certified Daddy’s Girl

I just know i cannot let Father’s Day pass without sharing a few words about my own dad.

My dad has always been the fortress that stood and protected my siblings and I.  He has always been there for us.  I remember sharing with him many of my firsts… First days of school in elementary, first (and second) enrollment in college… he even accompanied me to the office when i had my first job.  He is dependable, every step of the way… regardless of how old we were, he made sure he was there whenever we needed him.

I remember watching basketball games with my dad.  We would just take the bus (since neither of us knew how to drive)… we will endure traffic, sometimes even be standing inside the bus all the way home.  It didn’t really matter to me much because I was having a great bonding time with him. 

I guess I owe to my dad my being a writer.  In our family, he is the REAL writer.  He is the intellectual. We used to tease him that we find it hard to understand his articles at times because they are pretty deep and profound. I honestly am shy to make him read my work because he might think I’m too shallow.  But then I know that he is proud that I took after him… and that I also love to read and to write. 

My dad is my hero.  He is everything I have always thought a father should be.  He gives without expectations.  He sees to it that we are safe and protected.  He puts us first before himself.  Now that he is already a grandfather, he even puts the needs of his grandchildren first before his.  How’s that for selflessness?

Show people love and they will love you in return.  My dad has shown– and give– us more than love.  He is a perfect role model… he is an example that a person can live with integrity.  He taught us the value of hardwork, perseverance and best of all, humility.  My dad likes simple things… can ride public transportation like any regular guy, yet talks to really important and influential people without feeling the least bit inferior.  

He has simple joys… reading, buying books, watching CNN, BBC, basketball and baseball games, watching his grandchildren’s sports tournaments… and visiting the mall of the masses. 

Yes, my dad is my hero.  And yes, I am a certified daddy’s girl… and proud of it!

Girlie Goals Revisited

Several weeks ago, I wrote about getting the chance to do something I have long wanted to do (Girlie Goal #25 — sing ala Barbra!).  It was such an exhilirating experience, really.  Sometimes we do have to get out of our comfort zone… walk that extra mile… give ourselves that nudge to do something that fear has been keeping us from doing. 

When I was young, i used to make a list of my Girlie Goals.  Allow me to share with you parts of that list… Parts because i have long lost the actual list and i simply have forgotten the others (maybe they are not as interesting). 

Girlie Goals written when I was 12:

Teach little kids (check!)… Have hair straightened (check!)… Dye my hair brown (check!)… Have my own brown horse… Name my horse Chessie… Have a print ad (done!)… Meet a certain pro basketball player (check!! met and went out with him several times, even…)… write articles and get published (done on several occasions!)… have a billboard… write a book… sing in front of a crowd (done just recently!)… have a Lexus… ride a hot air balloon… 

That’s as much as I can remember from my old list.  Now that I am looking at it, it feels good knowing that I got to do most of what my 12 year old self had wished for.  It makes me realize that my whole life journey has been pretty interesting and fulfilling (so far), simply because I got to do the stuff that my younger self had dreamed of.  Yes, some were really trivial — like meeting a basketball player! How lame was that?! But then at that time it was very real to that 12 year old… And when the 24 year old actually met said ballplayer, well, it was proof enough that dreams do come true.  Talk about achievement.

Still, there are other things that i haven’t done.  And yes, there are other things that are not on this list that i know I would want to do.  Like i said before, my Girlie Goals may not be as grand as “save the whales” or “save the environment” or “adopt a child from another country,”  but my goals give meaning to who I am.  During the times when things just don’t make sense, looking back at the goals that I have accomplished helps remind me of who I am… of the things I like… of how different my needs are from other people’s needs, and that i don’t always have to please them to be happy. 

Sometimes — no, a lot of times — it’s the little things that you do for yourself that make you the happiest. 

Girlie Goals 2010 and beyond… 

write that book i have long wanted to write… come out in a tv ad (without having to go through all the go-sees!)… maintain my ideal weight… set up an educational foundation for underprivileged children… write more articles and be published regularly… learn how to pole dance… and yes, I still want that Lexus… 

etc. etc. etc…

Any given day…

Food for thought:

When you are having a good day and your partner isn’t… Be compassionate and understanding.  Try not to rub it in… One day, you will have your turn of having a bad day, and you would want dear partner to understand you, as well.

When you are having a bad day and your partner isn’t… Well, try not to put the blame on her (or him), because chances are, it’s not her (or his) fault.  It is nice having a hand to hold on a day like this.  Don’t push that hand away.