One Fine Monday

I used to dread Mondays. 

Well, who wouldn’t?  After two days of being able to sleep in until mid morning (or noon time after having a late previous night), the very thought of having to wake up early again on a Monday morning can be a real a drag.  Same thing goes when the weekend was not exactly a relaxing one.  Somehow, one just cannot be too positive on a Monday morning.

Mondays to me also signify reality.  It is the start of the regular week… I wake up really early… My son goes back to school… I go back to the errands i normally do on weekdays… I meet with people I normally meet with on weekdays… I bring my son to whatever activity he has to go to… I sleep really late — or until everything at home is fixed and settled and I have prepared for the following day.  

Mondays bring me back to the life that I have put on hold beginning Friday night.  

Sometimes I wake up on a Monday morning and  I ask myself if I am ready for the day… for the week.  I think of all the errands lined up and wonder if there will be changes, surprises, in store for me.  I psyche myself for the uncertainties that I may face.  But before I end up stressing and freaking myself out, I stand up and start my day.

I have come to realize that there is no point in trying to go against something that you have no control of.  Why dread Monday when you can see it the other way… on a better light?  Why look at it as a day of doom (beginning of another tiring, stressful week), when you can look at it as a day of hope — a fresh start… chance to do things over (correctly, this time).

Weekends give me rest.  Mondays give me hope. 

It is really just a matter of perspective. 

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