kitchen deity

So there I was, whiling my time away, surfing television channels, when I came across a morning show for moms.  

The host was with a hunky actor… a cute, hunky one who often plays bad guy roles… they were chatting about experiences with the supernatural… guy was telling his own ghost stories… host was obviously getting pale with fright (maybe she should stick to parenting issues). 

It wasn’t so much the freaky story that the guy was telling that got me to watch the whole segment.  It was mainly because the whole time they were talking, hunky actor was cooking!  Yes, he was coolly putting the ingredients in the pan, chat chat chat, mixing them together, chat chat chat, adding herbs and spices, more chat chat chat… He was preparing what looked like a sumptuous lunch  — which left me hungry — while he was talking about elementals.

I was truly mesmerized.  I realized at that point that there is, indeed, something sexy about guys who can cook.  And I mean, COOK.  Not just fry egg or boil pasta (even a 3rd grader can do that!).  But to actually come up with something delectable with their bare hands.  Hmmm, yummy! (I meant the food.)  And to still look cool and composed while cooking… like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do.  Yes, totally sexy.

Men don’t always have to be all tough and macho to be attractive.  Show me what those hands can do in the kitchen… and you bet I’m gonna swoon!

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PS… Just please don’t make me do the dishes afterwards.


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