Miss Manners

One thing I despise the most (hate is too strong a word… I try not to use it) is when someone dismisses you — in this case, ME — just like that. 

Like for instance, there’s something I am about to say and then the person I am speaking to suddenly says, “Shush…”  Okay, so maybe he is in deep thought about something… or maybe he’s in the middle of reciting his mantra… Still, that’s not reason enough to be rude, right?

Another instance, when you’re asking someone — in a very nice way— to do something, and that someone answers in a very curt manner, “Tomorrow.”  It just gets to me.  I am a patient person and I can wait ’til tomorrow (unless of course it’s an emergency), but it’s basically how the reply was delivered that irritates me.  For some reason, it felt and sounded like Donald Trump telling me, “You’re fired!”  Argh, scary.

For whatever reason you have to say no, well, you can always do it nicely. 

People have bad days, that I understand.  Some people are way too busier than others… that, I understand, as well.  Yet being busy doesn’t justify being snootiness.  Worse, we tend to be more insensitive towards people who are close to us… Why?  Because we know they will understand and that they will just let it pass?  And that makes it right?!

Learning experience for me, as well.  Maybe I should check myself, too, during those times that I am feeling stressed and I just lash out at anybody who’s unfortunate enough to be around me.  It’s just so not nice being rude. 

You should know

Okay, done venting. 

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