Limited connectivity

So there I was, trying to reply to facebook comments, chatting with a cousin from the other side of the world, and doing some online banking at the same time (yes, I am a great multitasker!).  I also planned to blog afterwards.  But for some reason, my FB posts just won’t get sent, my cousin just stopped responding, and I can’t access my bank account.  Worse, I can’t access wordpress.  When I checked the internet icon at the bottom of the screen, there’s a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside.  When I directed the cursor there, it said “Access: limited connectivity.”

I waited several minutes, hoping that I will get reconnected.


my dream job in my past life

While waiting… CSI Miami’s showing. Oh, but it’s a rerun.  I have seen this already.  Switch to next channel… I didn’t know that there are so many Top Model Franchises.  I think I saw Australia’s Next Top Model the other day.  Now it’s Canadian version.  The girls look pretty normal, too.  Made me remember that time in my life when I thought I wanted to be a model.  Now I’m jealous… it’s not even 9 in the morning and I want to give myself a make-over.  Yeah, I want to lose ten pounds, too.  Wish I’m back to being skinny…    

After about thirty minutes of watching Canada’s Next Top Model — and feeling bad about that hearty dinner i had last night, I checked my computer and yey! I am back online.  Now I can continue whatever it was I was doing before I got disconnected.  That is, if I remember what I was doing before I got disconnected.  Oh, yeah, multitasking.

So I went back to facebook… tried to reply to my cousin in ym… went to my online bank account and wordpress.  Everything was smooth sailing until… Until I tried to send another message, and then I saw that small yellow triangle with exclamation point again… Limited connectivity.  What the ?!

Patient person me.  I can wait awhile.  Nothing is urgent at this time, anyway.  I can just say hi to my cousin again later… pay bills in a little while… I can even write my blog on MSWord and just copy and paste later.  Yes, I can just wait ‘til my connection gets restored.

Funny, when I checked my ym window, it says I am still online.  Maybe my cousin thinks I’m still here but I’m just ignoring her.  Great. 

Limited connectivity.  I think it pretty much describes how I am at times.  I think it happens to everyone.  There are times when I am physically here, yet part of me is not (like my mind is wandering in la la land). I call it my version of astral projection… mostly happens when people I am talking to are either nagging or just won’t stop talking about themselves.  Somehow you just can’t help but tune out.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a good listener, but there just are people who just challenge one’s listening skills. 

It has been fifteen minutes since I last got disconnected.  Ten minutes to stay online and fifteen minutes off.  Hmmm, makes me wonder.  Do I do that to people, too? Listen for ten minutes and tune out for 15?…  That’s not so nice, huh?

Who knew there would be a lesson learned from a malfunctioning internet

My connection is running again… which means I have to make it quick and do everything I have to do in ten minutes (as the on-off pattern has dictated).   Wish me luck…

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