On blogging etiquette and the concept of personal space

There really ARE people who just don’t know the meaning of personal space.  Maybe it’s not just personal space that they have problems with… Maybe they just don’t know what etiquette means.  Maybe when they were young, nobody taught them about manners and respect.  Or maybe, just maybe, they are too darned self-centered that they don’t care about how other people will feel.  Still, maybe they are just plain dumb.

Yesterday I was searching for the web address of one of the blogs i liked here in wordpress, with the intention of adding it in my blogroll.  I got directed to another blog site… I thought it was the same one, the owner having just decided to change the theme/appearance of the page.  It had one of her entries, so I really thought it was hers.  As I scrolled down further, what I saw shocked me.  On the same page were obscene pictures… and I mean, obscene.  Of the icky, pornographic kind.  I was absolutely horrified!  The post I was looking for (which was sadly reposted at this site) was totally wholesome.  It was a parenting post, for Pete’s sakes!  How could this guy repost something so nice on his page which was totally vulgar?!

It’s appalling. It’s distasteful and repulsive. 

Okay, so maybe we are at risk whenever we publish something on the web.  Maybe every time we upload something, we should be ready that someone might repost it.  Maybe that’s the risk we bloggers have to take.  We want to be read.  We want other people to appreciate our work.  So maybe we are opening ourselves up to the criticisms, praises, actions and reactions of other people.

But then there’s still this thing called decency.    You simply don’t repost one person’s work without asking for permission.  More so, you don’t repost it on your site if you know that there’s totally NO relevance nor connection.  

A little decency, please.  Is that too much to ask for?

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