Postscript from the “IT Girl”

You've got Mail!!!

I remember years back when snail mail was still the ‘in’ thing, I used to write really long letters to my best friend.  Okay, I wrote long letters to past loves (shameless plugging, but do check out Flashbacks post)… and whoever I want to write letters to.  For whatever reason, I always seem to forget to say something that I have to write a PS.  At times, I even add a PPS (I think at some point I reached 5 P’s that made me wonder why I had to end the letter when I did to begin with). 

Sometimes it’s just about being forgetful.  Other times, you realize at the last moment that there is something you would still want to share —which you were not able to because you were forgetful...

Regardless. I had so much fun playing tag with friends (see previous entry, I’ve Always Wanted to be the It Girl)  that I forgot to tag other people whose brains I would surely want to pick…

So this is PS…I’m tagging the following:

  • Christy from Mamarazzi Pages – because this means adding another item to her to do list (sorry Christy!). Nah, it would be really nice to get to know her.
  • thypolar life uncensored – because she is reflective and her answers will be interesting.
  • bended spoon – because she has a sense of humor.

Come on gals, join the fun… and don’t forget to tag me back (post a comment) when you’re done!!!

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