Thoughts of Macgyver and claustrophobia

While Superson was sleeping in his room last night, I thought of staying up a bit more to use the computer which is in his bedroom.  

So there I was at almost midnight, multitasking — i.e., chatting with people over at facebook, checking out blogs,  checking emails, checking out the latest celebrity gossips, while my son was sound asleep.  At some point, I had to stand up because I needed to go to the bathroom. 

Then I found out that the door was locked.  My son locked it (out of habit) before sleeping.  I tried to turn the lock, but it was stuck.  I tried to move the lever, but it won’t budge.  After several attempts of  moving the lock, I had to accept the fact that it had no plans of opening.  We were locked inside the room. 

It was almost midnight and my helper was at the other side of the house — sleeping.  And I really needed to pee… 

I tried to keep myself calm.  

I remember watching Macgyver a lot when I was young.  Loved the guy.  He always got out of a sticky situation, mostly by being resourceful.   He was my childhood hero.  Hmm.. what would Macgyver do if he were in my situation?   


*  Find a screwdriver and pry open the door.  No, I think Macgyver would have used a swiss knife. I looked around the room… no swiss knife, no screwdriver.  No bobby pins even (because I have a son and not a daughter. grrr).    I found a Nerf gun, but that offered no help.

*  Mix chemicals to blow the door open.  Nah, too risky.  I might end up suffocating myself and my son in the process.  Besides, there were no chemicals to mix in my son’s bedroom.  

Horatio can do the job

*  I can kick the door open… I visualized kicking the door, and shouting “FBI, freeze!!”  (CSI-Criminal Minds style)  That would have been so cool!!!  But then I remembered that you kick the door from the outside not the other way around.  Bummer. 

*  Or I could bang on the door… and pray that my helper will hear.  The thing is, she could hardly hear me when she’s awake, what more when she’s  in dreamland? 

I tried turning the lock again.  Nothing happened.  My heart started pounding fast… I was getting claustrophobic.  I never liked enclosed spaces… my heart palpitates and I have a hard time breathing.  Though the room was not exactly small, the thought that we were locked inside made me feel so trapped.  

The bedroom windows have grills.  What if there’s a fire and we are stuck inside?  I was near panic.  Couldn’t think of anything else that Macgyver could have done. And I really, really needed to pee… 

And then I saw my cellphone lying on the bed.  Never have I been so happy to see that small, black gadget.    

I called up my landline… and prayed that the helper wakes up to answer the phone. 

She did.  She was the Macgyver for the night… and all she needed was the right key. 

I bought new locks first thing in the morning. 

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

photocredit: images via google

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Macgyver and claustrophobia

  1. Before George Clooney, there was Macgyver. Loved the guy. I even had a poster of him taped on my bedroom door. Seriously. Sweet memories… 🙂
    Scary when the kids lock themselves inside the room… scarier when it’s the bathroom. But when you think about it, it’s scary for us (because accidents might happen… like they might slip, or something), but it’s fun for them. Talk about kids being imaginative and fearless, huh?!

  2. Ha! I like your Macgyver-esque train of thought. My three-year-old is going through a phase where he likes to lock himself in his bedroom or his bathroom, so I’ve learned the “extra sets of keys” lesson, too.

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