Are you smart enough?

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Last week I received a forwarded text message that challenged my smarts. 

Side noteI am not a fan of forwarded messages and I don’t normally forward them even when I am asked by the sender to do so.  Nor do I follow the instruction “send to a million people ” so a wish of mine will come true.  Normally I just press delete.  If you are a friend of mine and I didn’t send you back a “happy friendship day” message, it doesn’t mean I don’t value our friendship.  It basically just means I would rather text you about something else (perhaps a juicy gossip).

Having said all that,  and totally contradicting myself today, I am sharing with you this challenge (said text message) because I think it is pretty interesting… and it certainly made me realize that there are words or phrases  we commonly use yet we take for granted. 

The instruction is — try to decode the following using this as example:  24 H in a D = 24 hours in a day.

Got it?

The text message says if you get 17 and above, you’re a genius.  Let’s see how you’ll fare (and do share with me!).  Ready??

Here goes…

  1. 7 D a W
  2. 12 M in a Y
  3. 2 W of a B
  4. 9 L of a C
  5. 3 H of a C
  6. 7 DS
  7. 9 M of P
  8. 8 T of an O
  9. 7 C of the W
  10. 10 Y in a D
  11. 28 D in F
  12. 6 S of a H
  13. 10 C in a M
  14. 7 W of the W
  15. 5 F in a F
  16. 366 D in a LY
  17. 7 B of the R
  18. 60 S in a M
  19. 26 L of the A
  20. 4 C of a S

Piece of cake?  Well, Superson and I reached 17 so that makes us both half-a-genius.  Honestly, he decoded the harder ones (shame on me!).  We spent the past three nights trying to decode three more numbers that I’m beginning to solve it in my dreams, as well. 

There’s no time limit so you can solve ’til forever… or until you get tired… or until you figure out everything… whichever comes first.  Just try not to google the answers because… well, that’s cheating.  Besides, where’s the fun in that?  (Seriously, though, I have long thought of googling the last three that I just couldn’t figure out).

Have fun!


Happiness is…

… finding money in your pants pocket that you forgot putting there the last time you wore said pants!!! 

Did that ever happen to you?  You wear a pair of pants for a short time, put it back in the closet, then on the day that you decide to take it out either to wear again or to bring to laundry you find out that there’s some cash stashed inside?  Yey!?

it just feels like finding the Yamashita treasure

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IQ challenge came from unknown source/origin.  Was just found sitting happily in my cellphone message inbox one bright and sunny day.