12 Gifts for Christmas

Glorious Treats

loving the holidays

I spent the most part of the day wrapping Christmas gifts. 

I am not complaining, really.  I think I love wrapping gifts as much as I love shopping for them.  For some reason I find wrapping gifts quite therapeutic.    I even sing — or hum– as I wrap.  I really get transported to another world and when I’m in the zone, nobody dares to bother me.

As I was wrapping — and humming Christmas songs this time — I got to think of the gifts I would want for myself. 

I had to dig in really deep.  You see, as much as I love the whole process of buying, wrapping and giving of gifts, I am not the type who will ask for something for myself.  Of course I like receiving gifts (who doesn’t?!), but I’m fine with anything that’s given to me.  I’m happy enough with just the thought of getting something.   Some people call it being cheap, I call it being appreciative.

~ * ~

After my last blog entry which was pretty serious stuff, here’s something quite shallow — and yes, bordering materialistic.  Shame, shame, shame!!  But since it’s the holidays, indulge me… 

12 Gifts I WANT for Christmas

#12.  A new cellphone.  With touch screen.  Color pink or white.  With unlimited call and text plan.

#11.  Nate Archibald (aka Chace Crawford) OR Damon Salvatore (aka Ian Somerhalder). Come on, a girl can dream!

be still, my heart...

favorite vampire

 #10.  Latest Glee CD (vol. 4) and the Glee CD Journey to Regionals

#9.  A 60′ Sony Bravia LCD TV with complete home entertainment system. For my Gossip Girl and Vampire Diary nights.

#8.  Complete DVD set of Charmed seasons 4-8.

#7. Complete DVD set of all seasons of How I Met Your Mother

#6.  Victoria’s Secret lingerieOne can never have enough VS underwear.

sale or no sale…

#5.  A gift certificate for a half day photo session with a famous glamour photographer. Make up and all.  Think Nigel Barker.  Such a dream!  Hopefully I don’t faint before the photo shoot even starts

#4.  Escada Perfume.

#3.  Asus Notebook. Preferably pink.  The Seashell Karim Rashid Collection is ultra hot!!!

to die for!!!

#2.  Something inside that little light blue box.   Specifically, Elsa Perreti collection Alphabet pendant with Open Heart Charm.

who can resist?

#1.  A Lexus convertible.

fit for a goddess


Like I said earlier, a girl can dream…

What’s on YOUR wish list?

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photos via weheartit.com and google images


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