My Blogging Wow-Meter

As I was checking my emails yesterday, I came across this message from which was basically about my “2010 year in blogging.”

Of course I was curious to find out how I fared… though honestly, I was nervous, too.  I mean, what if the people from WordPress were just writing me to let me know that compared to all the other WordPress bloggers out there, I paled in comparison… or that my entries were pretty much senseless… or that I was too lazy to write?  But then thinking about it, who am I trying to impress anyway?  Am I not blogging because I love writing and blogging is a good outlet for my thoughts and ideas?  It’s not as if it’s a contest and I have to compete with someone…

And so I looked at the summary of my “over-all blog health” for 2010.  This was what I saw…






They (the WordPress team and the Stats helpers) compared my number of blog views to about 5 full Boeing 747s.  Of course, I had to read that analogy a couple of times over before I fully understood what they meant (duh!).   

Seriously, I have no idea how I wowed them.  I know there are bloggers out there who write every day.  I am happy enough if I get to write at least twice a week.  Sometimes, the spirit is willing… but the brains just won’t cooperate.  There are times when I stare at the screen willing the letters and words to just appear.  At times I just hope that by staring at the screen long enough, I will get the needed inspiration to come up with something.   That doesn’t really work, though… I mostly end up chatting with my friends or doing Facebook.

But then the Site Summary from WordPress really made me feel good about myself.  I had the tendency to count the number of times I couldn’t blog for different reasons… but the Site Summary showed me that I WAS able to post a certain number of entries… meaning, I was able to write that much in a given year.  And that’s something.  117 posts/entries/articles/essays is way much better than none.   

SO this year, I will try to do even better.  I will join that postaweek2011 challenge.  I am even setting a goal of blogging more than once a week (I have to be realistic, blogging daily is overkill for me). 

Now I am really excited.  Who knows, I might wow even myself along the way.

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credits:  Blog Health Meter from

Kudos to the team and the Site Stat helper monkeys (?!) for coming up with the Blogging Summary.  I know the stat count is automatic and all, but to have a summary for each and every WordPress blog site is truly amazing.  The helper monkeys must have worked overtime! (Unless I am the only special one you made a summary for, then I’m doubly thankful!)

Hats off to you guys.