Muse on Vacation

Where do you derive the inspiration to write?

Before I get to publish a blog post, this is normally what happens to me…

even Spongebob blogs...

… I sit in front of the computer, go to WordPress (Supergoddess Me), click “New Post.” 

… then I stare at the screen for a good five minutes. 

… I get impatient when I get to minute 3 so I open another tab and check out Facebook.

… about two minutes into Facebook, I find out that there’s nothing new happening in FB world so I go back to WordPress.

… Inhale, exhale.  I will get that inspiration somehow.

… Maybe coffee will help… so I stand up to make myself a good cup of coffee.

… Hmmm… coffee is good with cookies.  Maybe I should get some, too.  Cookies or chips. Yum.

hoping to be inspired...

… Darn, I can’t drink coffee and eat chips while working on the computer.  Seriously, He-Man will have a fit.

… I wonder what’s on tv?… Coffee, chips, TV.  Perfect.

… I never liked the Bachelor (nor the Bachelorette)… I have watched these Glee episodes two times already… There’s no nice movie… I don’t feel Oprah-ish nor Bauerish…  Oh great, there’s TMZ.

… I am getting tired of hearing about Kim K and the rest of the brood.  Don’t they have anything more interesting?  Isn’t Brad splitting up with Angelina yet?!

… Oh geesh, I need to fix the magazines in my bedroom. They are beginning to pile up and are starting to collect dust.  Enough of TMZ.

… I read the magazines and wonder when I will get another article published.

… I rack my brains for a topic to write about.

and THEN I remember that the computer is on… and my screen is still on “Add New Post” (that is, after I shoo away the bubbles of my screensaver)

… and then I start typing… (until someone buzzes me on ym or Facebook beckons)

That, ladies and gentlemen, happens on normal days.

I need my Muse

And yet there are days when I get so inspired and the words just start forming in my head.  It starts with a topic, then words, sentences, paragraphs… it will just flow smoothly until I sort of finish the whole essay. In my head.

Sometimes it happens at night, right before I sleep (the Rejection blog post is an example).  I was on my bed, body so tired after an eventful day… and then I thought of the topic… and then sentences started to form… and since I couldn’t turn on the computer anymore to type away my thoughts, I just wished and prayed that I would still remember them in the morning.   Thankfully, I did.

Another weird time is when I am in the shower (blog post entitled Things Money Cannot Buy).  Again I prayed I won’t forget the words the moment I come out of the bathroom…  I think my muse likes spontaneity. 

Sometimes we just try so hard… and the more we do, the more difficult writing becomes. 

Like today.   I really don’t have anything to blog about.  Therefore I won’t try so hard. 

So, see you all when my muse gets back!

days like today...

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Muse : in Greek Mythology any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science;   A guiding spirit, source of inspiration. (Free Online dictionary)

photos via and google images