Changes, changes

A lot of things are happening all at the same time.

We are in the middle of a big project.  Exams are soon coming up.  My helper just left me. I am back to being the first person up in the morning and the last person standing at night.  We are going on a three-week vacation and I have yet to prepare our things and our itinerary.  

this is how i feel...

I haven’t slept well for two days, and probably won’t be sleeping well these next couple of months.  My eyebags already have bags…

I want to blog, but I know I will end up ranting about things that won’t make any significance in other people’s lives.

I want to do more writing  but right now I’m just mostly tired.  I haven’t played Plants vs. Zombies lately, but somehow I feel like the zombies got the better of me.

So just for fun, I thought of changing the theme of my site.  Maybe it stays, maybe not.  But since I have to deal with a lot of changes right now, then perhaps another one won’t hurt. 

~ * ~

Right now this is what I need…

at your (my) service...


An ever-reliable Dorota who will stand by me and will have my back.  Not to mention, fix my breakfast, wash my dishes, ready my clothes, screen my calls, etc etc etc…

Before I turn into a Superzombie. 

Not exactly super, but cute!!


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

photos via google images

2 thoughts on “Changes, changes

  1. I love your blog’s new look–especially the striking header photo.

    Enjoy your three-week vacation. I hope you’re heading somewhere warm and relaxing, and I hope you’ll blog about it when you’re back so we can live vicariously.

    • thanks Maura!
      Oh, but you’ve just been there (the happiest place on earth)… though we’re going West coast.
      Will do some Hollywood gallivanting, too. Hopefully I get to see the Glee cast somewhere (yey!). Am planning to do nothing on the first week but stalk
      celebrities, TMZ style. Haha, my son will disown me! 🙂


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