When the Universe Tells You Something…

For the Drama Queen Me

In my last blog, I was basically ranting about being so busy that I don’t get to write as often as I would want.  I talked about how my family always comes first and how I am ready to give up things I am supposed to do for myself the moment one family member hollers for me. 

I was pretty sad that day.  It was one of those moments when you want to do a lot of things but you know that you won’t be fair to anybody if you choose to do all.   I wanted to write more often.  I wanted to start on my writing project, but I also am in the middle of planning a major baseball event, that my thoughts are pretty much all over the place.  Throw in the day to day activities of the brood… So the other day, it really felt like something’s gotta give.  Basically it felt like that something was me.

Honestly, I feel bad whenever I see my blog hits dwindling.  And for several days leading to my last entry, my hits were somehow stuck at 3 a day — okay, sometimes 2.  Hurray for me.  I really felt quite low.  But then again, I can’t blame my readers… why will they stay (or come back) if I can’t offer anything new, right?  

I was beginning to feel the pressure.  Part of me was saying, I must blog everyday.  I must have more hits.  Another part was saying, Forget the blog. Start your dream project.  And still another part, Forget all those.  You have a baseball tournament to manage!!

which way now?!

Bottomline is, I felt like I had to explain myself.  I had to explain why it’s taking forever for me to start my writing project.  Explain why my blog stats is in its near-death state.   Explain why I’m hovering over my son as he studies for his exams.  I felt like I had to explain every little thing I do, every choice I make.  Though I don’t really know who I am explaining to… I may be explaining to the wind, for that matter… It just felt better afterwards. 

Maybe, just maybe, at the back of my mind I knew that I wouldn’t feel as bad anymore when I see my blog stats.  I was giving myself reasons to NOT feel bad that no one visits my blog (since there’s nothing new to see anyway).  And I was releasing myself from that pressure of having to compose something even when my thoughts are  in shambles (Pretty much like now?!).  I told myself I won’t force myself to blog if I don’t have anything to blog about… and I won’t feel guilty not having blogged.  More so, I won’t get suicidal after seeing my blog stats. 

That was three days ago. 

And then something happened… again. 

Yesterday was another busy day.  I didn’t get the chance to check my WordPress page the whole day.  Besides, after 5 days of having a mere 3 hits per day, I pretty much knew the trend.  And since I didn’t post a new entry, then all the more I couldn’t expect anything more than 3.

Come night time, just before I went to bed, I opened my WordPress account.  Force of habit.  Some practices are hard to let go of…

Not mine. Though my graph looked somewhat like this.

76. Seventy six. LXXVI.  At ten in the evening, I had 76 hits.  I almost fell off my chair. 

Okay you might be thinking, cheap thrills SGM!   But no, to me that wasn’t cheap.  Not when I was getting used to 3.  76 is a gift!  Though at the back of my mind I was thinking that maybe half of that was from a spam-connected link (sorry, I don’t know the word for it), well I was still happy with the number.  I ended the day with 79.  Of course they had to add 3 more (probably my 3 loyal fans remembered to visit my blog that night).

Whole point of this entry?!  Well, the universe HAS a sense of humor.  Just when you thought you are ready to give up on something, the universe will find a way to make you NOT give it up if you truly are not ready.  Just when you thought you have lost all direction, the universe will show you the way… or will veer you to a direction you can take.

Just when I thought I ran out of topics to write about, well, I had this.  And just when I thought that I didn’t have the time to sit down and write… well, I found the time to sit down and write.  It was just a matter of time management.

When the universe tells you something… maybe you should just listen.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

photos via weheartit.com / WP stats via google images

6 thoughts on “When the Universe Tells You Something…

  1. First, SGM, please don’t give up. You’re a great writer, and you seem to enjoy it. If it’s an outlet for you, keep it up. The blog hits will follow.

    Here’s what I’ve found: a blog’s success hinges on the bloggers relationship to others in the community. If you write often, and if you’re a good commenter yourself, people will stick with you, you’ll widen your community, and suddenly you’ll start to see traffic. It took me a long time to realize this myself, that’s why I’m sharing the advice now, even if it is unsolicited. 😉

    Hang in there. Write because you love it.

  2. It’s hard not to be stats-obsessed. I see mine plummet when I don’t post, but as you said, “duh!” there’s nothing new.
    I think we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep producing.
    the best thing I can do is walk away from the blog when I have nothing to say– I do NOT want to waste my readers’ time!
    and, YOU, you beautiful, talented woman…DON’T SHOULD ON YOURSELF.
    remember that, right where you are, YOU ARE ENOUGH.
    take joy in the ordinary life stuff…if you are not being enlivened and enriched in your ordinary life…you will have nothing to write about, right?
    blessings, hang in there…and don’t give so much weight to the stats (easier said than done…but do try…I’ll try, too!)
    be well, dearie!

    • thank you Jane for being ever so supportive!
      yes, ordinary may seem boring, but then i guess it’s up to us to either turn it into extraordinary — or change how we view things.
      my latest blog pretty much talks about my realizations over the past weekend.
      somehow there are things that we already know yet forget…
      stay blessed, Janeygirl.
      thank you for YOU.
      🙂 SGM

  3. I know the depressing feeling of only havine 2-3 hits a day. But I’ve decided to keep blogging and maybe one day one of those people will leave a comment.
    So I hope my visit helped your graph look a little better. 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit!! 🙂
      Though, I should know better than put too much pressure on myself just because of the blog stats. But well, there just are days…
      Enjoy blogging, too!

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