Getting to Know Me

Who am I?

i am a thirty something supermom to an eleven year old.

i love kids — not necessarily just mine.  i love singing to little kids all the nursery songs i can remember, complete with actions and facial expressions.   i think i am a little girl at heart.   with the bigger kids, i try to share some wisdom (and patience…  lots and lots of patience).  teaching may not be my profession but i know i am a teacher at heart.  i try to reach out to children to impart whatever values, learnings or what-have-you’s that will help them in life. 

i love reading.  my favorite time of day is when i get to sit on a quiet spot somewhere with a good book in hand.  admittedly, i spend time reading mushy, nonsensical books, too.  believe me, sometimes, a shallow book is all we need to spice up our day .  my all time favorite book is Wuthering Heights.  i think Heathcliff was my first love.

i also love to write.  my love affair with writing began when i was twelve… when i discovered the joys of keeping a journal.  i’ve been writing since.  my first real published work came out when i was in my early 20’s.  i wrote a piece about men and relationships, printed on a men’s magazine.    so there i was, young, innocent and seemingly wholesome, writing for a magazine which catered to mostly males.  up to this day i still wonder if someone — other than my family and friends– has actually read what i wrote. 

my writing experience has evolved somewhat.  i started writing for parenting magazines, home and lifestyle mags, etc.  every once in a while, i still do write about relationships, but i would like to believe that as i have matured, so did my topics and my insights.  okay, so sometimes i still do sound juvenile, but well, it’s fun to be young at heart.

my dream, though, is to write a book.  still praying for the right theme and topic, but i know eventually, i will get that done.

Why do i blog?

i blog because i love writing.  i am able to express my thoughts more in written form.  i blog because i would like to share my experiences with others.  we all have good days and not so good days… sometimes isn’t it just comforting to know that someone, somewhere is experiencing the same thing that you are going through?  

whether it is to teach, to reach out, to entertain…. hopefully my blogs will make a difference in someone’s life — or even just someone’s day. 

so, read on… and feel free to comment and post your insights.  welcome to my world! 

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