Cast of Characters

Who are these people???

Sometimes I write about people who are closest to me, yet I leave out their names (privacy issues… and yes, personal space).   Okay, honestly i get tired at times to spell out the whole word or name or code name, so I use acronyms, too.

Here are some of the characters in my blogs that you might come across with…

1.  My Person – my best friend in the whole wide world.  she is a cousin who lives at the other side of the world, yet know all about my escapades.  most of the time we seem to be living in parallel universes.

2.  the Son – my one and only offspring.  the love of my life.  constant reminder that I have done something good in this world.

3.  the partner – well,  my partner.  also known as He-Man, Master of the Universe… or just plain Master.

4.  CF – means close friend. the person i owe the title Supergoddess to.

5. OF – means old friend. 

6. G – guy from the past. a.k.a. (ex) Mr. Perfect   No need for this.  Decided not to write about him again. Ever.

7.  Mr. Big – our pet labrador puppy

8.  Marco –  4 yr old son of one of my friends.  adorable little boy that i love to bits!!!

9. SG – Supergoddess. Me.

… Will add to this list along the way….

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