Tuning in to the 80’s

Music, indeed, has the magic of transporting you back in time. 

I was sitting in front of the computer this morning when I heard the radio blaring from the neighbor’s lot.  There’s an ongoing construction and it seems the workers are hard of hearing that most of the time, the radio is in full volume.  This particular morning they were playing mushy love songs from the 80’s. 

Ricky Martin rocked my world!

Before long, I found myself humming along to Menudo’s “If You’re Not Here.”  Okay, I admit, it was more fun belting out the song.  Humming doesn’t do it justice.  And as if Menudo is not enough, the next song was from Air Supply.  I didn’t sing along anymore this time, but truth be told, I do know the lyrics to the song, as well.  Shame shame shame. 

To the young ones reading this who have no idea who (or what) Menudo* is,  Menudo was a Puerto Rican boy band formed in the ’70s but achieved success and became really popular in the ’80s.  Long before the Backstreet Boys, NSync and 98 degrees, was this boy band.  This was where the ultra hot Ricky Martin started (he was still a young and cute Ricky Martin then, though I always knew he had the potential…).

Going back to the main point of this blog, music does have a way of zapping you back to another time.  Sometimes when I hear certain songs, it feels like I’m back in time… at the same place, exact same moment.  Being an 80’s girl — I was in high school during the latter part of the decade — I truly get a certain sense of ‘high’ whenever I hear 80’s music (mushy or otherwise). 

80's music rocks!!!

Allow me to share some 80’s songs that still transport me back in time and the reasons why…

1)  You to Me are Everything by the Real Thing.  “I would take the stars out of the sky for you…Stop the rain from falling if you ask me to..”    How can you not like that? 

I remember our school fair, sophomore year.  My friend and I requested this song to be played for this senior guy I really, really liked.  In secret, of course.  Senior guy saw me sitting on a bench while the song was playing, walked straight to me while singing along.  I was on cloud 9.   I was 14… and I thought I was in love.

2)  Upside Down by Two Minds Crack – One morning after a marathon telephone conversation the night before with senior guy, I woke up and heard this music playing on my radio.  The weather was cool, the day showed so much promise.  It was a moment I wouldn’t mind reliving.

3) Take On Me by A-Ha.  Loved the song. Loved the video. 

4)  Melt with You by Modern English –  My sister’s anthem. Because of the number of times that I heard her playing said song over and over and over again, of course it stuck to me.  Recently I saw again on tv the movie Valley Girl (where the song was played).  Couldn’t believe that it was Nicholas Cage who starred in said movie! 

5)  Borderline and Crazy for You.  One word: Madonna.  Along with Like a Prayer, favorite karaoke songs ever.  No shame!

6)  For Just a Moment (Love theme from St. Elmo’s Fire).  “We laugh until we had to cry and we love right down to our last goodbye…”

I remember one afternoon in a house in San Diego, my best friend/person and I were in a room and we were singing this song.  I remember one of us holding a piece of paper with the lyrics (so we can do it right).  I think I was about to leave in a few days.  We were both teenagers then.  Fast forward twenty years, we are still the best of friends.   

lookin' for the love getaway...

7)  Love Shack  by B52’s.    “I’m heading down the Atlanta highway, lookin’ for the love getaway…” 

Moment in time: Me singing and dancing to the song… while someone on the other end of the phone patiently waits — and listens.  Best guy friend I ever had.  Still holds a soft spot in my heart ’til today.  I wonder where he is now…

~ * ~

It’s nice to reminisce.  It’s nice to sing and still know the lyrics of the song.   Whenever I hear 80’s music, I remember my friends… I remember my growing up years… I remember having fun.   I think about the people I shared those moments with and I am grateful that my friends then are still my friends up to now.  Well, at least most of them.  I remember about past loves and heartaches and realize that I have outgrown them all.

We hear these songs and we remember… and we relive the moments.  We smile, laugh, we cringe, we get embarrassed.  But mostly, we feel good… and the feeling stays somewhat.

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Note : *Menudo is also a traditional Mexican dish made with beef stomach in clear broth.  May also be the traditional stew from the Philippines made with sliced pork and calves’ liver (reference: wikipedia)

**Info on Menudo band from Wikipedia

***photos via google images

On this rainy friday…

What has happened so far…

  • I took out an old pair of black skinny jeans and was thrilled to find out that they still fit.
  • I look sexy in said jeans
  • They are playing ’80s music over the radio
  • I just heard Melt with You by Modern English
  • I was able to watch another Criminal Minds episode (without He-Man hovering over me, asking me why I enjoy watching such disturbing shows)
  • Note to world: I love Criminal Minds.  He-Man can’t do anything about that.
  • Note to self: STOP obsessing about Derek Morgan
  • Checked email.  Got a writing project (Yay!)
  • Replied to project coordinator. Tried to sound formal and professional.
  • Failed at sounding professional.  Excitement gave me away.
  • Opened ym to chat with besties.
  • Found one friend and one cousin to chat with.
  • Cousin’s internet connection conked out. Was left with friend.
  • Friend decided too busy to chat, logged off before I can say supercalifragilistic….
  • Listened to A-Ha’s Take on Me for the second time.
  • Checked my email again for first assigned writing work.  No new email yet.
  • Note to self again: Don’t harass project coordinator!!
  • Checked out FB page for interesting news/status/ posts. Found nothing worthwhile.
  • Checked the weather forecast for the weekend. It says more rain.
  • Listened to the song Footloose. 
  • Attempted to do a Kevin Bacon.
  • Stopped self from doing a Kevin Bacon.  Wedge shoes made it difficult.
  • Decided to blog.
  • Tried to write something inspirational or profound.
  • Decided not inspired enough to write something inspiring.
  • Ended up with this entry.
  • Went back to obsessing about Derek Morgan. Sigh! (It’s the weather!!!)
  • Realized I have to turn mommy mode on and hit the groceries… otherwise family will go hungry the whole weekend.

Having said all that… Now wishing everyone a fun weekend ahead.

Keep safe. And warm!!!

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* lovin’ the rain *


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photo: weheartit.com