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There’s really nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon hanging out with a girl friend… over coffee — or iced tea… talking about past escapades, present happenings and future adventures…

I had such a blast with a good friend this afternoon. We giggled like little girls, exchanged anecdotes, talked about people we liked and we didn’t like.  We laughed at the silliest jokes — and people… and after realizing how silly we were becoming, we laughed some more.   Time truly flies when you’re having fun.   

Here’s to all the girl friends out there who love and accept you for who you are.

Friends do make one’s life bearable and worthwhile…

          Delicious Ambiguity.   (from


yesterday was the birthday of one of my best friends.

it warms the heart to know that she is perhaps my oldest friend from school — oldest not because of the age, but because she was my very FIRST friend in school.  i still remember our first day in grade 1… when i entered the classroom, this girl ran from the other side of the room and called out my name to welcome me.  we have been friends since.

we have seen each other through good times and bad… crushes,  break ups and heart breaks, graduations, proms, weddings, baptisms…  you name it.  we have known each other practically more than half of our lives.

i can count with the fingers of my two hands the number of real friends that i have today.  i guess when you are younger, you tend to stay in a group and you think that all of the people in that group are your friends.  but then as the years go by, people change… some move away, some move to another group, others just choose to be with other people… still there are others who you realize you have nothing in common with, thus, you drift apart. 

i read somewhere that people enter one’s life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  this is so true. i have had good friends from school that i hardly talk to now.  and even if we get the chance to talk, it’s like we have missed out on a lot of things and yes, things are never the same.  it s nice to reminisce about moments you shared in the past, but at some point, it ends there.  you get stuck in the past.

and then there are those who stay.  those people you grow up with, build memories with, burn the phone lines with… even argue with at times.  these are the ones who know you for who you are, who can tell you what they honestly think about your boyfriend (or husband) and still stay friends with… the ones who can tell you that you are getting fat, or you are looking like a hag, yet you won’t take it against them.  these are the ones who will stand by you…  whatever season in your life you are going through.

friendship is a product of experiences… of love and care and communication.  it is something that one has to nurture, one has to work on.  no, it doesn’t have to be hard work, but if you want friendship to last, you are going to have to share yourself… share your time.  if you cannot always be around physically, at least try to reach out through phone calls.  reach out and communicate, otherwise you can lose something precious.

my best friend — also known as “my person”– lives at the other side of the world.  we don’t see each other regularly like most friends do, but thinking about it, i can now say that we both worked pretty hard to sustain our friendship.  we used to send letters by snail mail… and then emails… and now we send sms and we chat. almost everyday.  we come from different time zones, yet we  know what’s going on in our lives.  and it’s comforting to know that despite the distance, i am sure that she understands whatever it is that i am going through, and she is there for me, and vice versa. 

my other best friend is also a cousin who at present is also in another time zone.  yet i know that the 5 hour difference doesn’t make a difference in our relationship.  i am positive that she will readily reply everytime i buzz.

and then my best friends from elementary and high school — birthday girl included, —  well, like i have said, we have seen each other through good times and bad.  i believe we have enough experiences and memories that will stick us together whether we like it or not. 

i used to have a really good guy friend back when i was still in school.  sort of like the big brother that i never had.  for some time he was my Linus blanket.  our friendship gave me that certain sense of security… that warm, fuzzy feeling.  but  we were very young then.  and so we grew up… and we grew apart.  our experiences brought us to different directions… and there was no turning back.  some people enter one’s life for a season… we have had our season.

there still are a couple of dear friends whom rarely see, but  i know will be my friends for life. funny, too, because one of my good friends at the moment is someone i never expected i will be friends with years back.  never even talked to this person before.   

yes, i can count with my fingers the number of my BFFs.    they help keep me sane, they laugh with me and sometimes at me,  they keep my feet on the ground yet they help me reach for whatever is out there in the skies… they may not be plenty, but they are special.  i know i am truly blessed.

so stop me now before i start quoting from the Little Prince… (It is the time you spent with your rose that makes your rose so important… )

You get my drift.