January 8, 2015

I was going over my blogs from around 4 1/2 years ago– back when I was just starting to blog regularly, and yes, I hardly had any readers — and I chanced upon an entry entitled Flashbacks.

It was about a love story that did not find its happy ending.

The story happened some 20 years ago. I wrote this blog in 2010. Apologies for reposting, but do indulge me. Let’s just call this the #throwbackthursday entry.



Sometimes i can’t help but marvel at how modern technology just made everything easier– and the world much smaller — for us.

About 16 years ago, I had a relationship with this guy who lives at the other side of the world.  He came here for a vacation… and found me, instead.  The irony is, we met a month before he was supposed to go back to his homeland and we started dating a week before his departure.  So obviously, ours ended up being a long distance relationship. We were so in love then and we promised that we would make it work, distance or no distance.

It was 1994 and we still had to depend on snail mail.  Snail mail and Fedex.  Every two weeks, we would expect a letter or a package waiting at our respective doorsteps.  We spent a fortune at long distance calls, too.  We would talk on the phone every weekend for about an hour (sometimes, two).  This went on for six months (which at that time seemed like an eternity).  Then he flew back here for Christmas, stayed here for a couple of months, then went back home with the promise that we will make the long distance relationship last…

… and then he was gone.  Gone forever.

No, he did not die or anything.  We just proved that long distance relationships, well, never really go the distance (pardon the pun, please).  We pretty much showed everybody that no matter how “in love” two people are, the distance between them can really take its toll.  I think it took all of three months after he left the second time when we came to the realization that it was difficult.  Actually, he came to that realization first (and was too immature not to tell me)… ergo, the relationship basically ended badly — with me cursing him to high heavens, that is.  So basically, he could have just died and i wouldn’t have minded at that time (that was me being mature about the break up).

But i digress.  Point is, fast forward 16 years later, present day 2010… Because of the world wide web, because of YM, emails, facebook, webcams, text messages and cellphone calls that don’t cost a fortune,  we are now in touch with people who are at the other side of the world.  My best friend/person lives at the other side of the world, too, and I chat with her almost every day.  My friends and relatives who are in countries of different time zones are always updated about the news and happenings here.  In real time.  It’s a small world, after all.

Sometimes I do wonder whether my relationship with the guy would have lasted if we had all these communication tools then.  Maybe we wouldn’t have felt the distance right away.  Perhaps it wouldn’t have felt like we were having an affair with a piece of paper.  Though it would probably be like having a virtual relationship (or having a relationship with the computer), well at least the other party answers back fast… no need to wait for two weeks.

But then long distance is still long distance.  It’s still upto the people involved whether they will let the distance get in the way… or work on the relationship until they are together once more.

In case you are wondering what happened to long distance-guy… Well, we found each other in facebook a couple of years ago.  Yeah, who would have thought.  But then 16years is a long time, and people change.  I guess you pretty much have an idea how it went…

It went nowhere. 


It’s Mr. 1994’s birthday tomorrow, January 9. Yes, I still remember 🙂


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24 — Rewind

As I was searching for inspiration to come up with a new blog for the week, I decided to reread my old posts.  I came across posts from the month of February (of last year).  I was just beginning to blog then and I think only a handful of people were visiting my site at that time. 

For those of you who didn’t reach that far back, here’s a repost of a blog that talks about a very exciting day in the life of the Supergoddess. 

Okay, okay, so this is cheating.  I’m reposting because my brains just got too fried after staying under the sun watching baseball games the whole week… I can’t come up with a new and exciting blog at the moment, so please bear with me.  In the coming days, I promise something better.

For the love of Jack Bauer, here’s a rewind… (and I added pictures, too!)

~ * ~

Don't you just love this guy??


Now that sounded kinda Jack Bauerish.  Somehow i can’t help but hear the seconds ticking away in my head – as it does in the show.

I have been here in the kitchen for the past hour, awakening the kitchen goddess in me, attempting to create a masterpiece for dinner.  As I wait for the food to cook, I couldn’t help but think of how fast the day went… and wonder if I spent it in a productive way  (thus, the transformation from kitchen goddess to Jack Bauer).

 This is today’s version of   My  24…

5:30 … alarm rings

5:31 … snooze

5:35 … alarm rings again

5:35:15 … snooze

(okay, so that basically went on every five minutes until 6:05 when i finally decided to wake up and start my day)

6:10 … prepare breakfast, packed lunch, school uniform

6:30 …  wake up child

6:30:30 … take a shower

6:45 … still taking a shower

7:00 … dress up in a rush

7:30 … bring child to school

7:40 … pray for no traffic

7:45 … pray harder for no traffic

7:55 … child in school 5 minutes before the bell. (Yey, what a feat!)

This has by far been the most boring 2 hours in Jack’s life, should he be in my shoes.  I do wonder how he can fight terrorists, fly to another continent, fight more bad people, defuse a bomb, etc. etc. all in one morning.  I have already used up about 2 ½ hours and the farthest i have been to is my child’s school.  And you saw how exciting those two hours were. 

Fast forward to 11:00… by this time, i have already consumed about 3 cups of coffee (to jumpstart the day, thus more excitement); i have been to the bank; i have gone to the other household that i’m managing, talked to the workers repainting the other house; left instructions with the domestics; gone to the grocery to buy enough food to last us for two weeks… i have talked to a couple of friends using my cellphone…

11:05… talk to architect…

11:55:10 … architect leaves… multitask : can now chat with someone from the other side of the world (who says that Jack is the only one who can communicate with people in other continents?); chat with someone from this side of the world (who says they actually work while they are at the office?!);  

15:00 … still chatting with that someone from another continent, and that other someone who’s just here somewhere… done fixing files… okay, so not really done, but at least the attempt to fix was there…  balanced my bank account already…

15:05 … get ready to pick up child from school

10 hours have passed from the time i was supposed to wake up.  Jack probably has killed a gazillion bad people in ten hours. 

Kitchen goddess doing a 24

Before I bore anyone with the details of the remaining hours leading to here and now (exactly 19:29:50), guess I’d transform back to the kitchen goddess that I am aspiring to be. 

Jack Bauer will probably go crazy if we trade places for a day.  So far the most challenging part of my day was keeping my pretty pink toenails from breaking or getting scratched.  

That and oh, yeah, saving our dinner from burning….





*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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*repost of original blog entitled 24 published Feb 4, 2010.

Muse on Vacation

Where do you derive the inspiration to write?

Before I get to publish a blog post, this is normally what happens to me…

even Spongebob blogs...

… I sit in front of the computer, go to WordPress (Supergoddess Me), click “New Post.” 

… then I stare at the screen for a good five minutes. 

… I get impatient when I get to minute 3 so I open another tab and check out Facebook.

… about two minutes into Facebook, I find out that there’s nothing new happening in FB world so I go back to WordPress.

… Inhale, exhale.  I will get that inspiration somehow.

… Maybe coffee will help… so I stand up to make myself a good cup of coffee.

… Hmmm… coffee is good with cookies.  Maybe I should get some, too.  Cookies or chips. Yum.

hoping to be inspired...

… Darn, I can’t drink coffee and eat chips while working on the computer.  Seriously, He-Man will have a fit.

… I wonder what’s on tv?… Coffee, chips, TV.  Perfect.

… I never liked the Bachelor (nor the Bachelorette)… I have watched these Glee episodes two times already… There’s no nice movie… I don’t feel Oprah-ish nor Bauerish…  Oh great, there’s TMZ.

… I am getting tired of hearing about Kim K and the rest of the brood.  Don’t they have anything more interesting?  Isn’t Brad splitting up with Angelina yet?!

… Oh geesh, I need to fix the magazines in my bedroom. They are beginning to pile up and are starting to collect dust.  Enough of TMZ.

… I read the magazines and wonder when I will get another article published.

… I rack my brains for a topic to write about.

and THEN I remember that the computer is on… and my screen is still on “Add New Post” (that is, after I shoo away the bubbles of my screensaver)

… and then I start typing… (until someone buzzes me on ym or Facebook beckons)

That, ladies and gentlemen, happens on normal days.

I need my Muse

And yet there are days when I get so inspired and the words just start forming in my head.  It starts with a topic, then words, sentences, paragraphs… it will just flow smoothly until I sort of finish the whole essay. In my head.

Sometimes it happens at night, right before I sleep (the Rejection blog post is an example).  I was on my bed, body so tired after an eventful day… and then I thought of the topic… and then sentences started to form… and since I couldn’t turn on the computer anymore to type away my thoughts, I just wished and prayed that I would still remember them in the morning.   Thankfully, I did.

Another weird time is when I am in the shower (blog post entitled Things Money Cannot Buy).  Again I prayed I won’t forget the words the moment I come out of the bathroom…  I think my muse likes spontaneity. 

Sometimes we just try so hard… and the more we do, the more difficult writing becomes. 

Like today.   I really don’t have anything to blog about.  Therefore I won’t try so hard. 

So, see you all when my muse gets back!

days like today...

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Muse : in Greek Mythology any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science;   A guiding spirit, source of inspiration. (Free Online dictionary)

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The Power of One

favorite number?

I was checking my blog stats earlier and I saw something new — or at least something that I never noticed before…

On top of the bar graph that shows your views, there’s a summary.  It says, “At a Glance : Days, Weeks, Months, Humanize.”  I NEVER saw Humanize before. Curious, I clicked  on it.

Funny I had to click it on the day — and at the time — that I haven’t had any new views yet. So, this was what I saw…

Today you have had 1 views.

One is the loneliest number, but don’t worry you’ll get more hits soon. Maybe invite some friends?


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I have been blogging for months… I have posted more than a hundred entries… I know I have made blogfriends from all over the world…

Only to be reminded by good old WordPress that I only have one hit today (which was probably even some random guy who clicked on something and got directed to my page) and that one is the loneliest number.  How sad –and insulting — is that?!

It’s. So. Not. Fair.

So, do I say goodbye to my blogging days or do I rise up to the challenge of writing some more and making more “friends” (translation: readers/hits/view) in the process?? 

Nah, I’ll keep writing… even if I’m the ONLY reader.  Sometimes, it’s nice to be alone.

Besides, in the whole scheme of things, do blog stats really matter that much?    (…or am I sourgraping?!)

That’s blogworld for you.  You will never know what you are bound to get…

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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Postscript from the “IT Girl”

You've got Mail!!!

I remember years back when snail mail was still the ‘in’ thing, I used to write really long letters to my best friend.  Okay, I wrote long letters to past loves (shameless plugging, but do check out Flashbacks post)… and whoever I want to write letters to.  For whatever reason, I always seem to forget to say something that I have to write a PS.  At times, I even add a PPS (I think at some point I reached 5 P’s that made me wonder why I had to end the letter when I did to begin with). 

Sometimes it’s just about being forgetful.  Other times, you realize at the last moment that there is something you would still want to share —which you were not able to because you were forgetful...

Regardless. I had so much fun playing tag with friends (see previous entry, I’ve Always Wanted to be the It Girl)  that I forgot to tag other people whose brains I would surely want to pick…

So this is PS…I’m tagging the following:

  • Christy from Mamarazzi Pages – because this means adding another item to her to do list (sorry Christy!). Nah, it would be really nice to get to know her.
  • thypolar life uncensored – because she is reflective and her answers will be interesting.
  • bended spoon – because she has a sense of humor.

Come on gals, join the fun… and don’t forget to tag me back (post a comment) when you’re done!!!

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I’ve Always Wanted to be the It Girl

This post totally has nothing to do with my frustrations — of not being the ‘It Girl’ in high school nor college. 

Several days ago, Maura over at 36×37, invited me to join their game of tag here in blog world.    I am supposed to answer 8 questions and afterwhich, tag 8 people to answer the same.  (Uhm, do I have 8 people to tag??? Now I feel unfriendly. No wonder I wasn’t an It Girl.)

I digress.  Today, I’m “It.” 

Here are the questions and here are my answers… (Very well thought of, if I may say so myself!)

1.   If you could have any superpower, which one would you have and why? 

The power to freeze time.

Photos of Holly Marie Combs

i'm the 4th sister

There was a time when I used to like the show Charmed a lot.  By a lot I meant I watched it every week, without fail.  Nobody dared to bother me when it was on.

I always thought that Piper’s power of freezing time was just so awesome.  Now that I am a parent and I always seem to have about a hundred items on my daily to-do list (and another hundred items NOT on my to do list, yet I do anyway), I wouldn’t mind having that power so I can tick off some while the whole world is on pause.  Sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough.

Said power proves to be useful, too, in the middle of a heated discussion (or fight), especially one that you’re badly losing.  It’s nice to be able to hit the pause button so you can check your notes or clear your head and come up with a better argument.  

2.    Who is your style icon?  

Gretta Monahan.  She makes style and sophistication look so easy.

i just love her

3.  What is your favorite quote?

That which does not kill us makes us stronger – Nietzsche

I used to say this a lot, even without knowing that someone famous had said it first (really, I thought I was the one who invented said quote!).   Each of us has at some point in our lives experienced trials and even pain. Regardless of how bad the situation was or how much pain it had caused you, you will know that once you have surpassed it, you will come out a different person.  Stronger  in ways you never expected.

Best movie quote : “That’s the price you pay for the life you choose.”  

I can still hear the voice of my philosophy teacher in college as he was passionately quoting Michael Corleone.  That line somehow stayed with me. It served as a constant reminder that every choice I make has a corresponding result or consequence.  It kept me grounded somewhat.

And because I am a child at heart… One day not too long ago, I was watching Hannah Montana the Movie with my son and this guy Travis said something to Miley that really struck me… “Life’s a climb.  But the view’s great.”  Very well said, my lad, very well said.

4.   What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? 

Unexpected, from a total stranger.  Pizza delivery guy one night, “Ma’am you are very pretty.  You are so blessed.” 




Blessed was the term he used.  How can you not be thankful? 



5.  What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now? 

Glee: The Music  vol. 1 & Glee vol. 3 Showstoppers

owl | Tumblr

i read at night

6.  Are you a night owl or a morning person?

Night owl.  I feel I am robbed of some hours of my life when I sleep early.  But being a hands-on mom, I have to wake up at 5:30 am during weekdays to prepare for school, and weekends when there’s an early baseball game. I do wake up…grudgingly so.

7.  Do you prefer dogs or cats?   

a place to love dogs

Mr. Big is MUCH bigger

 Since we got our pet labrador (Mr. Big), I can now say I like dogs.  I sing the dog lullabies so he can sleep at night. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


8.  What is the meaning behind your blog name? 

I have to thank a good friend of mine for this.  When I was in college, I told people I was a semi-goddess (a demigod of sorts).  Believe it or not, some people ACTUALLY believed.  I had to come up with the story about me really originating from Mt. Olympus, but that I wanted to commune with mortals (thus, the “semi”).  I had a pretty wild imagination… and some kids are just so gullible. 

i am also one of them

So the goddess moniker stuck.

Last year I met an old classmate in one of the reunions. This friend of mine said that surely I have  evolved.  Called me Supergoddess

And the rest is history.


There you have it.  Eight questions, eight answers.  Now I am passing it on… Unfortunately, I only have two people (okay, three) in mind.

I am tagging Coffee Moments (www.coffeeandskyeblogspot.com) and pinaygoddess. 

Special call out to Ms. Alexandra Potter… if you are by any chance reading this post, I am tagging you as well.

Hope you guys enjoy answering as much as I did.  Phew!

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Finding friends in a place least likely

It is amazing that people can find friends in places least likely. 

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean, I hoped I will get readers, and I hoped my readers will appreciate my writing — or at the very least, learn something from me.  What I didn’t expect is that there will be some kind of relationship that will be formed between me and my readers, or me and the other bloggers whose works I follow.

I often say that modern technology has made the world smaller.  I even blogged about my long distance romance in the ’90s and how the presence of emails, ym and sms could have helped the relationship survive the distance.  Now, because of all these forms of communication, it is much, much easier to meet people from other parts of the world… from various continents, even.

The thing I love about following other people’s blogs is that more than the entertainment value that some may give, or the admiration for the blogger’s writing style and skill, basically, reading about their experiences reminds me of one’s humanity. People are the same everywhere.  Regardless of race or skin color, or continents where they are at, people go through the same experiences in life.  Okay, so maybe in varying degrees.  But parents from two different places may have the same struggles concerning their kids.  We may all have the same victories and joys, too.

It is a journey.  Life is a journey. And if there’s one good thing that this so called blog world had given me, it is the feeling that no matter what personal struggle I may be going through, or I have gone through, or may go through, there are other people out there who have experienced the same… who can offer some form of learning or support.  People who will unselfishly join me in my journey.  Simply because they have been there… and they just want to reach out and help. 

Last week’s bad encounter in cyberspace with some sicko may have been very disturbing.  Yes, there are disgusting people out there — in real world and cyberworld, alike.  But there are good people, too.  I have read so many words of support given to a blog “friend” of mine from people who are practically strangers… people  she probably has never met in person.  And that is something. 

One of the highest points in my blogging experience was when a writer (a real book author) made a comment in one of my posts.  I was thrilled.  In fact, I was ecstatic. My first thought was, “Wow.  She is a real author.  And I am just a fan!  I have read about four of her books!! And she’s commenting on my blog post!!!”  It was pretty surreal. 

Then I realized that she is human, too.  Author, or not, she experiences the same emotions that I do.  In fact, she posted a comment because she was so thrilled to find out that I have been reading her books.  She is just like any ordinary human being, capable of feeling joy and excitement, as well as sadness and grief.  She reaches out to people with her works, and she reached out to me by showing gratitude and appreciation.

There still are good people.  One can find friends in places they don’t expect.  Even in cyber world…. even in blogworld.  Maybe I should say, most especially in blogworld.


it's a small world after all...

 *** *** *** *** *** ***

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On blogging etiquette and the concept of personal space

There really ARE people who just don’t know the meaning of personal space.  Maybe it’s not just personal space that they have problems with… Maybe they just don’t know what etiquette means.  Maybe when they were young, nobody taught them about manners and respect.  Or maybe, just maybe, they are too darned self-centered that they don’t care about how other people will feel.  Still, maybe they are just plain dumb.

Yesterday I was searching for the web address of one of the blogs i liked here in wordpress, with the intention of adding it in my blogroll.  I got directed to another blog site… I thought it was the same one, the owner having just decided to change the theme/appearance of the page.  It had one of her entries, so I really thought it was hers.  As I scrolled down further, what I saw shocked me.  On the same page were obscene pictures… and I mean, obscene.  Of the icky, pornographic kind.  I was absolutely horrified!  The post I was looking for (which was sadly reposted at this site) was totally wholesome.  It was a parenting post, for Pete’s sakes!  How could this guy repost something so nice on his page which was totally vulgar?!

It’s appalling. It’s distasteful and repulsive. 

Okay, so maybe we are at risk whenever we publish something on the web.  Maybe every time we upload something, we should be ready that someone might repost it.  Maybe that’s the risk we bloggers have to take.  We want to be read.  We want other people to appreciate our work.  So maybe we are opening ourselves up to the criticisms, praises, actions and reactions of other people.

But then there’s still this thing called decency.    You simply don’t repost one person’s work without asking for permission.  More so, you don’t repost it on your site if you know that there’s totally NO relevance nor connection.  

A little decency, please.  Is that too much to ask for?

follow your inner moonlight dont hide the madness

a powerful tool

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