On this rainy friday…

What has happened so far…

  • I took out an old pair of black skinny jeans and was thrilled to find out that they still fit.
  • I look sexy in said jeans
  • They are playing ’80s music over the radio
  • I just heard Melt with You by Modern English
  • I was able to watch another Criminal Minds episode (without He-Man hovering over me, asking me why I enjoy watching such disturbing shows)
  • Note to world: I love Criminal Minds.  He-Man can’t do anything about that.
  • Note to self: STOP obsessing about Derek Morgan
  • Checked email.  Got a writing project (Yay!)
  • Replied to project coordinator. Tried to sound formal and professional.
  • Failed at sounding professional.  Excitement gave me away.
  • Opened ym to chat with besties.
  • Found one friend and one cousin to chat with.
  • Cousin’s internet connection conked out. Was left with friend.
  • Friend decided too busy to chat, logged off before I can say supercalifragilistic….
  • Listened to A-Ha’s Take on Me for the second time.
  • Checked my email again for first assigned writing work.  No new email yet.
  • Note to self again: Don’t harass project coordinator!!
  • Checked out FB page for interesting news/status/ posts. Found nothing worthwhile.
  • Checked the weather forecast for the weekend. It says more rain.
  • Listened to the song Footloose. 
  • Attempted to do a Kevin Bacon.
  • Stopped self from doing a Kevin Bacon.  Wedge shoes made it difficult.
  • Decided to blog.
  • Tried to write something inspirational or profound.
  • Decided not inspired enough to write something inspiring.
  • Ended up with this entry.
  • Went back to obsessing about Derek Morgan. Sigh! (It’s the weather!!!)
  • Realized I have to turn mommy mode on and hit the groceries… otherwise family will go hungry the whole weekend.

Having said all that… Now wishing everyone a fun weekend ahead.

Keep safe. And warm!!!

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* lovin’ the rain *


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