Invincible… not!

Sometimes you really have to listen to what your body is saying, and give yourself a break…

Over the weekend, i was down with really bad colds, cough and on-off fever.  I tried to fight it — even watched my son’s baseball game Saturday morning– but, well, when you’re weak, you’re weak.   I left the baseball game early and decided to rest — in front of the tv.  I must be really sick because there was a Criminal Minds marathon showing and i kept dozing off in the middle of an episode.  And to think that it’s one of my favorite shows!

I ended up sleeping practically the whole afternoon.  My body has long been craving for undisturbed sleep and I had to give it just that.

I am feeling much better now.  Still having some sniffles, and coughing fits every now and then, but i am up and about.  Sometimes we just have to let nature — or in this case, the virus — run its course. 

When you can’t fight anymore, stop for a while.  Recharge.  No use trudging and not getting anywhere.  Sometimes, rest is good. 

Now i feel like a new person.  

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It’s good to be back.



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Time out

It has been a very tiring couple of weeks. 

Been busy reviewing my son for his exams… then there are the other things i had to attend to for my sister who’s currently out of the country… and then there are things i need to attend to for my mom who’s out of town… then there are issues i had to help resolve — or at least i had to spend time hearing and listening about… and then there’s Mr Big who barks at 2am, and again at 5am… and although i am not always the one who stands up and attends to Mr Big in the wee hours of the morning,  i still can’t get the peaceful sleep because, well, i hear his bark.

Been sleeping late, too.  For some reason i find myself still washing dishes at 10 in the evening (which means we had late dinner)… sometimes i feel like i have to crawl to get to bed.  I find solace in the hot shower that i take before going to sleep around midnight… though i have to stay alert because there truly are nights when i’m afraid i’d fall asleep while taking a shower.  I am just so exhausted. 

My energy level is at an all-time low.  This morning i had to drink multivitamins to pep me up.  So far it hasn’t helped.  And yes, no amount of caffeine in my system seems to help, too. 

I guess we all really need some time out.  Time to do things for ourselves… time to do nothing… time not to be spent  thinking about problems or day to day issues… time to watch — i mean, REALLY watch — tv without distractions or without having to fall asleep in the middle of the show… time to read and finish a book — during the day, not at 3 in the morning… 

I know i cannot just pack my bags and leave everything behind, go somewhere where i won’t hear calls for “mommy” or the barking of the dog… even for a day — or two.  I’m too responsible for that.  I won’t say, though, that the thought never crossed my mind. 

 Supergoddess is super tired…. now that’s something you don’t see nor hear everyday!  I’d better snap out of it soon.