On this rainy friday…

What has happened so far…

  • I took out an old pair of black skinny jeans and was thrilled to find out that they still fit.
  • I look sexy in said jeans
  • They are playing ’80s music over the radio
  • I just heard Melt with You by Modern English
  • I was able to watch another Criminal Minds episode (without He-Man hovering over me, asking me why I enjoy watching such disturbing shows)
  • Note to world: I love Criminal Minds.  He-Man can’t do anything about that.
  • Note to self: STOP obsessing about Derek Morgan
  • Checked email.  Got a writing project (Yay!)
  • Replied to project coordinator. Tried to sound formal and professional.
  • Failed at sounding professional.  Excitement gave me away.
  • Opened ym to chat with besties.
  • Found one friend and one cousin to chat with.
  • Cousin’s internet connection conked out. Was left with friend.
  • Friend decided too busy to chat, logged off before I can say supercalifragilistic….
  • Listened to A-Ha’s Take on Me for the second time.
  • Checked my email again for first assigned writing work.  No new email yet.
  • Note to self again: Don’t harass project coordinator!!
  • Checked out FB page for interesting news/status/ posts. Found nothing worthwhile.
  • Checked the weather forecast for the weekend. It says more rain.
  • Listened to the song Footloose. 
  • Attempted to do a Kevin Bacon.
  • Stopped self from doing a Kevin Bacon.  Wedge shoes made it difficult.
  • Decided to blog.
  • Tried to write something inspirational or profound.
  • Decided not inspired enough to write something inspiring.
  • Ended up with this entry.
  • Went back to obsessing about Derek Morgan. Sigh! (It’s the weather!!!)
  • Realized I have to turn mommy mode on and hit the groceries… otherwise family will go hungry the whole weekend.

Having said all that… Now wishing everyone a fun weekend ahead.

Keep safe. And warm!!!

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* lovin’ the rain *


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A Different Perspective

Do you remember this YM emoticon which is supposed to be waving?  I think it is actually called “wave.”

For the longest time, I always thought that it was supposed to mean “wave goodbye.”  Most of the people I chat with use it when we’re about to end our chat session.  It is normally preceded by “ttyl” or “bfn” or just plain “bye.” 

The other morning, a friend’s ym window popped up while I was online.  The first thing I saw was this waving fellow.  My first reply was, “We haven’t even talked yet and you’re already saying goodbye?”  But the friend replied, “No, I’m saying hello.”

It’s funny how people really have different ways of viewing things.  The way we perceive things is greatly influenced by our experiences, as well as what we are accustomed to. 

Perhaps this is also why we tend to misunderstand some people sometimes.  We simply don’t see things the way they do, and vice versa.  It is a matter of perspective.  It doesn’t mean that we are always right and they are always wrong, though sometimes we would want to believe that we are the ones who are right.  That is called pride. 

People may regard the same thing or situation in a way different from yours.  You may not have to agree with it, nor do you accept it, but it doesn’t mean you cannot at least try to understand.  That is called respect. 


“Hello… goodbye”  🙂


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photo credit: weheartit.com