Finding friends in a place least likely

It is amazing that people can find friends in places least likely. 

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean, I hoped I will get readers, and I hoped my readers will appreciate my writing — or at the very least, learn something from me.  What I didn’t expect is that there will be some kind of relationship that will be formed between me and my readers, or me and the other bloggers whose works I follow.

I often say that modern technology has made the world smaller.  I even blogged about my long distance romance in the ’90s and how the presence of emails, ym and sms could have helped the relationship survive the distance.  Now, because of all these forms of communication, it is much, much easier to meet people from other parts of the world… from various continents, even.

The thing I love about following other people’s blogs is that more than the entertainment value that some may give, or the admiration for the blogger’s writing style and skill, basically, reading about their experiences reminds me of one’s humanity. People are the same everywhere.  Regardless of race or skin color, or continents where they are at, people go through the same experiences in life.  Okay, so maybe in varying degrees.  But parents from two different places may have the same struggles concerning their kids.  We may all have the same victories and joys, too.

It is a journey.  Life is a journey. And if there’s one good thing that this so called blog world had given me, it is the feeling that no matter what personal struggle I may be going through, or I have gone through, or may go through, there are other people out there who have experienced the same… who can offer some form of learning or support.  People who will unselfishly join me in my journey.  Simply because they have been there… and they just want to reach out and help. 

Last week’s bad encounter in cyberspace with some sicko may have been very disturbing.  Yes, there are disgusting people out there — in real world and cyberworld, alike.  But there are good people, too.  I have read so many words of support given to a blog “friend” of mine from people who are practically strangers… people  she probably has never met in person.  And that is something. 

One of the highest points in my blogging experience was when a writer (a real book author) made a comment in one of my posts.  I was thrilled.  In fact, I was ecstatic. My first thought was, “Wow.  She is a real author.  And I am just a fan!  I have read about four of her books!! And she’s commenting on my blog post!!!”  It was pretty surreal. 

Then I realized that she is human, too.  Author, or not, she experiences the same emotions that I do.  In fact, she posted a comment because she was so thrilled to find out that I have been reading her books.  She is just like any ordinary human being, capable of feeling joy and excitement, as well as sadness and grief.  She reaches out to people with her works, and she reached out to me by showing gratitude and appreciation.

There still are good people.  One can find friends in places they don’t expect.  Even in cyber world…. even in blogworld.  Maybe I should say, most especially in blogworld.


it's a small world after all...

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Signs that I am NOT as Young as I Say I am

In my previous entry, I wrote about how I realized that I am getting old.  To those who don’t know me too well and ask me how old I am, my press release for several years now is that I’m 27 years old.  Honestly, in my heart of hearts, I still do feel young. Or maybe, I still think — and feel– that I am the same person that I was years back.  Maybe my experiences have made me wiser (i surely do hope so!)… or maybe i have grown more stable, patient, knowledgeable.  Yet at the very core, I am still the person that I know I am, thus, it doesn’t really seem like such a big deal whether I say I am 27  or I divulge my real age.

But there are telltale signs.  And if one is to look closely, he or she will surely realize that I am faking my age.

Signs that I Am Getting Old/ I am NOT as Young as I Say I am:

1.  I know I am getting old because I started lying about my age…  which is the whole point of this blog.  Young people don’t see the need to lie about how old they are — unless they are underage and they want to go inside a bar.  But for some reason, as one gets older — specially with women, though i don’t want to generalize– you just feel like hiding your real age.  Either you subtract five years from your real age, or like me, you choose a number you’re comfortable with and celebrate that birthday age year after year.

      Older people wear their age proudly, like a badge of honor.  Well, I am proud to be 27 every year…

2.  80’s music make me jump up and dance.  I don’t just dance to them, I also sing along and actually KNOW the lyrics.   I can belt out the ballads with much gusto… which is an obvious indication that I am reminiscing and reliving my youth everytime I hear songs from that genre.

     As much as I like the songs of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, well, nothing still beats Madonna’s Borderline, Cindy Lauper’s Time after Time and U2’s With or Without You.  Then there’s My Sharona.  How can I possibly resist the urge to get up and dance to that?  Total giveaway, indeed.       

Wheres Elvis?

3.  Cyber lingo = Lost in Translation.    Young people are so used to using acronyms or short cuts when sending sms or when chatting.  Sadly, I am not so well versed when it comes to cyber lingo.  I remember asking a friend (yes, just last year) what brb and ttyl meant.  He ended up giving me a crash course on internet lingo.  Well, you are supposed to know these things if you claim to be young, right?

     Before we ended the chat, my friend said bfn, which i tried to decipher.  “Best friends, not?”  That totally cracked him up.  But I tried… I really did!    

4.  I now find younger guys attractive.  Okay, cougar alert!  But no, I am not looking for a boy toy or anything.  It’s just that now i seem to find younger men appealing.  Seriously, when i was younger, I used to say that I prefered older men.  I wanted them mature enough… Someone who can “protect” me.  Besides, if i were in my 20’s and I’d go for really younger males, I might be charged with child abuse or pedophilia. 

     I don’t know when my outlook changed from being attracted to someone mature to someone who seems more fun (and of course, hot).  Maybe it’s the idea that guys in their 20’s are more carefree and have less “baggage.”  And that makes them more appealing.   


5.     The pounds stay and just won’t leave.  I used to eat chocolates and junk food and not be the least bit concerned about putting on weight.  Or if eating a lot bothers me, I would just go on a diet or work out a little, and I will be back in shape in no time.

     But now, one regular sized mocha ice blended coffee is equivalent to two (or three) days of starving myself.  I just can’t seem to shed these unwanted pounds!  It takes work and dedication and lots and lots of hours sweating it out and about a gazillion crunches.  The therapists at the slimming spa are my new best friends.  Believe me, it wasn’t this hard before.     

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6.  Doogie Howser, MD. is in my contacts.  When I was younger, the only doctor i knew was a pediatrician.  Now, in my cellphone directory, are names and contact numbers of different doctors — pediatrician, internist, ophthalmologist, ENT, an orthopedic and a surgeon even.  Not that I need all of them, but well, you’ll never know when you’ll need a consult.

     That thought just made me feel so old!

7.  I now watch CNN and BBC.  There was a time when it was only my dad who watched CNN at home.  I used to watch regular shows.  Shows with drama or suspense… or even comedy.  News were for old people.  I would rather go out and party than stay home and watch the news.

     Now I am more aware of what’s happening around the world.  I choose to be aware.  I turn to CNN before I sleep at night (after CSI finishes), and I turn to CNN in the morning before I start my day.  Worse, I even discuss global matters with my parents.  I have gone intellectual. 


So there.  Maybe I am the only one who can see these signs because I know of them.  But just the same, it makes me wonder why I choose to pretend that I am younger than I actually am when I can be a smart, attractive, 30++ woman who knows about the world and is not afraid to show it. 

Besides, it is quite flattering when people say that I do look a lot younger than I really am.  So maybe I should just relish that.   

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