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allow other people to define who you are.  You are a wonderful creation, full of endless possibilities.  Don’t let others limit you.

let the past rule your present and take over your future.  The past is over and done with.  Learning from it — the good or the bad — makes you a better, stronger person.  But today is a different day. Live it.  Tomorrow holds so much promise. Be expectant.

try it.

underestimate kindness.  A kind and gentle heart affects many.  People remember a kind deed.

think it’s okay cheat when no one’s looking.  Cheating is cheating, whether you have an audience or not.   

forget to say thank you.

wallow in self pity.  You are too good for that.  Be sad a bit, but learn to move on.  Wallowing won’t get you anywhere. 

take your friends for granted.  Life gets so much brighter with good friends around.

be carefree

let go of the child in you. Joyful. Carefree.  Fearless. 

let other people steal your dreams. People will always have a lot to say.  People won’t always believe in you the way you believe in yourself.  When they try to pull you down, keep the faith.  Let their opinions inspire you to do better and give you the added nudge to prove them wrong.  Remember, great success is the best revenge. 

forget how it feels to hold someone’s hand, smile a genuine smile, offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, receive a compliment, give a compliment… and spending some quiet time by yourself just taking in the beauty of everything around you. 

Life is Good


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Orion’s arms are wide enough, to hold us both together

Although we’re worlds apart, I’d cross the stars for you…

                                                                    — Arms of Orion (Prince and Sheena Easton)


I remember loving this song when I was in college.  It wasn’t really that popular — i don’t think my friends  even knew about it — but i really fell in love with it the very first time i heard it.

Maybe it was because i was very young then.  Maybe it was the  hopeless romantic in me… the one that believed (or used to believe) in true love.  Or maybe i was once full of hope… hope in the idea that if two people are meant to be together, they will find their way to each other somehow, somewhere.

Now, two decades later, I can say that I still believe in love.  Maybe i’m not the dreamy, wide-eyed, sentimental girl that i used to be.  I have loved and lost and loved and lost… and learned.  But amidst the loving and the losing, I learned that regardless of what you’ll go through or what you’ve gone through, that feeling of “being in love” is something one would want to experience. 

The ultra-fast heart beat just at the thought of the beloved… the tendency to talk a mile a minute whenever he or she is around… the crazy, Cheshire cat grin that’s plastered on your face the whole day… the feeling of ultimate high every minute of the day… feeling so alive– full of faith, full of hope… and the thought that you can brave anything — even cross the stars– to be with that someone.  Yes, that’s being in love.  Who wouldn’t want to have that?

The feeling passes, eventually, true.  But wouldn’t you rather have that moment, however fleeting it may be?


Orion Constellation


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photo credit: Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan