Christmas Rush and a Female Villain

Christmas Rush. 

Round and round going nowhere

A lot of times I wonder where the term originated from. defines it as the flurry of activity during Christmas… La actividad frenetica de las Navidades… Okay, I was just trying to sound smart.  I got that from the online free dictionary, as well. 

Perhaps the term was coined because this phenomenon is universal.  For some reason, the season just seems to give everyone a dose of adrenaline boost.  All of a sudden, there’s so much to do… presents to buy (and wrap), Christmas parties to attend, work to finish before the Christmas/New Year break… Everybody’s on the go.  Stressed.  Happily stressed?  It depends on the person, really.

Shopping and Wrapping

Months back, I told myself I will not take part in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and preparations.  I made a Christmas shopping list early on so I’ll have time to prepare.  I think I did pretty well for the most part… finished shopping early enough.  Or so I thought.  Yesterday I found myself at the mall still buying some stuff. 

Worse, I paced myself in wrapping gifts (I personally do the wrapping because it’s somewhat therapeutic for me)… so for the past three nights, I have been sleeping past 1am because I was wrapping.  Pardon the analogy, but at some point last night I was beginning to compare the unwrapped gifts to the loaves of bread — they never ran out.      

Christmas Parties

We have family reunions, we have the Christmas midnight get together,  reunion with friends… lunches and dinners.  There is an overabundance of food.  Not that I am complaining because I do love getting together with family and friends.  But planning for those get togethers can be really taxing, too.  I have yet to finalize the menu for the Christmas dinner and family lunch that I will be hosting.  (…and right this moment I am asking myself what I’m doing in front of the computer when I still don’t know what to feed my guests in the coming days…)  Like I said earlier, STRESS…

To add to the neverending activities for this season, I was invited to an office Christmas party.  It’s imperative that I attend… and they even gave me a role (I’ll be a judge of an activity).  I know it’s going to be a fun night.  The only catch is, it’s a themed party… and everyone had to come in a costume.  And that included ME. 

The theme is “Comic Book Villain.”  Great, I had to add finding a female villain costume to my list of things to do. So I did what I do best when I needed an idea… I googled.

Female villain, hmmm… I did Catwoman years ago in my past life, so scrap that.  Poison Ivy — where will I get the red hair?? Oh, and the body that will go with the green leotard?!  Scrap that, as well.  The Evil Queen in Snow White or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  (Are they even comic book characters?)  But didn’t I blog before that I WANTED to be Snow White — and not the Evil Queen??  I told myself, though, that if I don’t find a character I would like, I’d dress up as the Evil Queen — grudgingly so.

And then I found her… Lady Deathstrike

I am so channeling her!!

Former lover of Wolverine turned evil.  In that skin tight, all black leather outfit of hers, she’s a sight to behold!  Fine, I don’t have skin tight leather outfit (nor the body for that, as well), but I have black skinny jeans… I can improvise.  And the hair. I can do that — or at least, ask someone to do my hair just like that.  I can do my make up.  Piece of cake.  The only semi-difficult part would be finding the claws — which I ended up making myself (with bond paper, silver poster paint and lots of imagination)…

… and lastly, a pair of leather boots!  Now I have every reason to get myself a pair.  

these boots are made for walking...

~ * ~

Now that I think about it, I just realized that I got my Halloween “I-want-to-wear-a-costume” wish for Christmas…  Amazing! 

Forget the rush, forget the hustle and bustle… I know tomorrow and in the coming days I will be running around like the White Rabbit again, making last minute preparations for Christmas dinner (and everything else).  But tonight I will have fun channeling Lady Deathstrike.

I am happily stressed… and I do love the season!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

*** *** *** ***

photo credits: Carousel via, Lady Deathstrike via google images.  Ralph Lauren leather boots via google images (though I so wish they were mine!!)

10 books…

I love reading.  I am a fan of Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin.  I have shelves and shelves of different types of books.  A cousin of mine once said that my bookshelf is like a “chick lit” section of a bookstore.  I had to point out, though, that I also  have a copy of the Art of War, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, and several Mario Puzo books. Thus, I am not all cheesy.   

Next to writing, reading is another form of escape.  When I want to relax and not think of anything, I get lost in a good book.  When I am engrossed in a book, time somehow stops — or I basically just ignore everything that tries to call my attention. 

This morning I realized that there were five books on the floor beside my bed.  I have this habit of leaving my “current” book near my bed so that I can go back to it whenever I get the chance.  Sometimes I reread the books that I just finished… or I look back at some parts. 

For the fun of it, here is a list of the last ten books that I have read, along with some thoughts and reactions.

10 Books that Kept me Awake These Past Couple of Months (#1 being the most recent)

10.  The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger.  I didn’t watch the movie because I wanted to read the book.  Interesting.  Made my imagination work overtime.  Pretty long, pretty sad. 

9.  Who’s That Girl by Alexandra Potter.  First of the four books by the same author that I have bought and read.  The main character was posed the question, “If you were to meet and get to talk to the young you, what will you say?  What advice will you give?”  It made me think. Big time.  Made me realize that there are quite a number of things I would want to teach my young self… (Which most likely I will blog about soon…)

8.  Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter.  Really funny.  Made me think that maybe fulfilled wishes don’t always come out the way we expect them to. 

7. Do You Come Here Often? by Alexandra Potter

6.  Sam’s Letter to Jennifer by James Patterson.  Love story.  Full of love and hope.  Can’t help but wonder how James Patterson can come up with something as cheesy as this and at the same time write about murders and other thrillers.  Talk about being versatile. 

5.  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  Superson made me read it!  He has the whole Percy Jackson series.  Since he knows that I am quite knowledgeable about Greek mythology, he persuaded me to read this one so we can talk about it afterwards.  Quite interesting.  I enjoyed it, really.

4. Heart of the Matter by Emily GiffinI have read and liked other Emily Giffin books (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Love the One You’re With), but this one I found quite depressing.   

3. Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan.  After the first book, my son said I might as well read the whole series.  I haven’t finished the second chapter of this one, though…

2. You’re the One I Don’t Want by Alexandra Potter.  Something light after Heart of the Matter and not juvenile like the Sea of Monsters. 

1.  One Day by David Nicholls.  About two people and that one day they spent together right after college graduation.  It’s about a friendship spanning two decades — the hits and misses, the fights, the joys, the missed opportunities.  Could very well be your story, or mine. 

So there.  The ten books that kept me busy and kept me up ’til late these past couple of months.  Now am off to get the next one…