24 — Rewind

As I was searching for inspiration to come up with a new blog for the week, I decided to reread my old posts.  I came across posts from the month of February (of last year).  I was just beginning to blog then and I think only a handful of people were visiting my site at that time. 

For those of you who didn’t reach that far back, here’s a repost of a blog that talks about a very exciting day in the life of the Supergoddess. 

Okay, okay, so this is cheating.  I’m reposting because my brains just got too fried after staying under the sun watching baseball games the whole week… I can’t come up with a new and exciting blog at the moment, so please bear with me.  In the coming days, I promise something better.

For the love of Jack Bauer, here’s a rewind… (and I added pictures, too!)

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Don't you just love this guy??


Now that sounded kinda Jack Bauerish.  Somehow i can’t help but hear the seconds ticking away in my head – as it does in the show.

I have been here in the kitchen for the past hour, awakening the kitchen goddess in me, attempting to create a masterpiece for dinner.  As I wait for the food to cook, I couldn’t help but think of how fast the day went… and wonder if I spent it in a productive way  (thus, the transformation from kitchen goddess to Jack Bauer).

 This is today’s version of   My  24…

5:30 … alarm rings

5:31 … snooze

5:35 … alarm rings again

5:35:15 … snooze

(okay, so that basically went on every five minutes until 6:05 when i finally decided to wake up and start my day)

6:10 … prepare breakfast, packed lunch, school uniform

6:30 …  wake up child

6:30:30 … take a shower

6:45 … still taking a shower

7:00 … dress up in a rush

7:30 … bring child to school

7:40 … pray for no traffic

7:45 … pray harder for no traffic

7:55 … child in school 5 minutes before the bell. (Yey, what a feat!)

This has by far been the most boring 2 hours in Jack’s life, should he be in my shoes.  I do wonder how he can fight terrorists, fly to another continent, fight more bad people, defuse a bomb, etc. etc. all in one morning.  I have already used up about 2 ½ hours and the farthest i have been to is my child’s school.  And you saw how exciting those two hours were. 

Fast forward to 11:00… by this time, i have already consumed about 3 cups of coffee (to jumpstart the day, thus more excitement); i have been to the bank; i have gone to the other household that i’m managing, talked to the workers repainting the other house; left instructions with the domestics; gone to the grocery to buy enough food to last us for two weeks… i have talked to a couple of friends using my cellphone…

11:05… talk to architect…

11:55:10 … architect leaves… multitask : can now chat with someone from the other side of the world (who says that Jack is the only one who can communicate with people in other continents?); chat with someone from this side of the world (who says they actually work while they are at the office?!);  

15:00 … still chatting with that someone from another continent, and that other someone who’s just here somewhere… done fixing files… okay, so not really done, but at least the attempt to fix was there…  balanced my bank account already…

15:05 … get ready to pick up child from school

10 hours have passed from the time i was supposed to wake up.  Jack probably has killed a gazillion bad people in ten hours. 

Kitchen goddess doing a 24

Before I bore anyone with the details of the remaining hours leading to here and now (exactly 19:29:50), guess I’d transform back to the kitchen goddess that I am aspiring to be. 

Jack Bauer will probably go crazy if we trade places for a day.  So far the most challenging part of my day was keeping my pretty pink toenails from breaking or getting scratched.  

That and oh, yeah, saving our dinner from burning….





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photos via google images

*repost of original blog entitled 24 published Feb 4, 2010.

half awake… almost

i have been entertaining a house guest for the past week now.  my cousin who works in China decided to spend his Chinese NY break here, and openly told everyone he is staying with me.   by choosing to stay with me for the duration of his vacation, my cousin basically implied that i was more awesome than everybody else… either that or he was just too lazy to move from one house to another.  but of course, i wanted to be the perfect host.

and so for the past week, i have been so totally channeling the real kitchen goddess Giada (de Laurentiis… a friend of mine’s not-so-secret love).  not that i was trying to impress my visitor, but i had to feed him… daily… so i might as well not serve the same food over and over again. 

he wasn’t a demanding guest, really. his only requests were fried eggs in the morning (like EVERY morning) and never ending coffee refills.  how difficult is that?  but then of course i had to prepare lunch and dinner, as well. and yes, there were days when we invited other relatives to eat with us.  thus, the Giada moments.

 i like it when my best cousins come over for a sleep over (which technically has nothing to do with actual sleeping because we chat the night away and we never get to sleep).  these are the moments when we can catch up on things that are happening in our respective lives.  so imagine how it is when a cousin stays with me for a week… Our routine basically was — cook, eat, chat,  go somewhere (to eat and chat), come back home (for more cooking, eating and chatting)… til midnight and beyond…

if you remember my regular 24-hr day (see blog entry entitled 24), you should know that i am the first one up in the morning… and basically the last person standing at night.  i normally wake up at 5:30am, but on one day this week, i had to wake up before 5am.  i normally get to sleep around ten in the evening. yet one full week of entertaining a house guest meant sleeping much, much later than ten pm. 

it was only yesterday that i realized how tired i have become. my cousin and i were out in the mall, and i couldn’t stop yawning.  i felt like a zombie, really.  and it’s very rare that i feel like this when i’m at the mall.  i was practically sleepwalking.  my cousin was telling me to go back home and take a quick nap because he said i will end up being cranky in the evening.  well, i did go home, but i just couldn’t force myself to sleep.

last night we were supposed to have a dvd movie date at home, but we decided against it because we were both so tired…  and yet knowing that it was his last night here, we ended up chatting til midnight.  at some point he was asking me why i wasn’t cranky yet.

this morning, in my sleep deprived state, i ended up dropping an egg i was about to cook.  it almost woke me up, really. 

the scene was sad, bordering hilarious.  there i was – before sunrise- on my knees, wiping the raw egg and egg shells off the floor.  gone was the Giada glamour.  i was reduced to Cinderella way before she met her fairy godmother.

for a while there i felt like crying out of exhaustion.  but then when i looked back at the week that passed, i knew there was nothing to complain about… 

…for it’s not always that you have an Italian young George Clooney look alike sitting in your dining room, waiting to be served.     

perfect guest for the perfect host…