Two Loves in a Day

I was in LA for two weeks.

Of course I had to share a moment with my two great loves…

Love #1.

we were this close!

Love #2.

i just had to stop and take a photo

Two loves.  One Saturday.

Don’t you just love Los Angeles?

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photo courtesy: SGM’s wonderful GE digital camera

Los Angeles, California.  March 26, 2011.

one day at Coffee Bean…

5:25 pm, Friday

     Here i am, having a Coffee Bean moment on my own. 

     I like being alone like this.  I get to watch people as they come and go.  I try to appear like I am in deep thought — when truth is,  I am just observing people.  For the fun of it.

     Behind me is an odd looking pair.  They are not a couple, really.  They are both males (not that two males can’t be a couple nowadays, but that’s beside the point).  One is a foreigner — probably French, judging from the thick accent he has… and the other one’s local (do i say native?).  I think the French guy is a teacher and he’s teaching the other guy something.  I couldn’t quite figure out what it is, but FG’s been talking for quite some time now…

     “It can be easy, but it’s time consuming,” he says.   Words of wisdom from a French guy.  Can apply to everything in life!

     Outside, there’s a good looking couple who seem to be arguing.  They were all sweet and mushy (and sickeningly so) much earlier when i was lining up behind them (waiting for my coffee)… but from where I’m sitting now, I can see good looking girl trying to explain or point something out to good looking guy.  Ggirl looks pretty much exasperated, while Gguy has a faraway look on his face.

     I hope they resolve whatever issue they have.  They look good together.  What a waste if they break up.

     And then… there’s this cute guy who walked in with a friend.  Tall and lean… looks young enough to be my nephew, but what the heck.  Ogling is not a crime…

     He’s been parading in front of me — probably aware that I’ve been eyeing him.  Or maybe he’s just very hungry– or thirsty– that he needs to order something every 5 minutes (i am sitting very near the counter).  And then he goes back to the back part of the cafe.  Back to his friend.  I try not to be too obvious, but can’t help but watch him.  Hmmm, yummy.  The coffee! I meant, the coffee looks yummy!    

     It is a nice day. The sun is out, there’s a soft breeze blowing outside.  I think good looking girl and good looking guy resolved whatever issue they have ‘coz i don’t see good looking guy anymore.  Or maybe he left?! Oh well, it’s their life.

     So here I am, sipping my ice blended coffee by my lonesome.  Alone but not lonely.  At peace, with my favorite drink in hand.  Several more minutes of bliss.  Several more minutes of just Me…

     Oh great, young hunk just stood up… maybe preparing to parade himself again in front of me… or leave the cafe.

     Drat!  It was the latter.  Haha.  Guess that’s my cue. It’s time to go back to the real world yet again…