Passion and Purpose

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Journal

I believe I mentioned in one of my posts before that I always carry a small notebook with me wherever I go.  One will never know when great inspiration will strike, so I always want to be ready for such moment. 

Said notebook has scribbles of thoughts and ideas, some are drafts of my blog pieces or magazine articles, and then there are the quotes from movies, tv shows or from real people.  Quotes that made an impact on me that I knew I had to jot down for future use.

Yesterday as I was looking at the notebook, rereading old drafts, I saw a quote that was sandwiched between two varying articles. It was written almost illegibly… with the pen’s ink near-death, I could hardly decipher the last few words.  I realized though the it must have been important, or else I wouldn’t even bother trying to write it down.  

Here is something worth sharing and pondering on…

“The only life worth living is one that you’re really passionate about.”

Are you living your passion? 

Don’t you think it’s about time?


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(I had to google where the quote came from, since I really couldn’t remember where I heard it from and I why wrote it down.  I found out that it was a line delivered by Emma Pillsbury to Will Schuester in the pilot episode of Glee.)

*Yes, I have been using a Coffee Bean journal for three years now.  Writing and Coffee Bean… two things I am passionate about.

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On giving…

Yesterday I learned a very valuable lesson.

When you give and not expect anything in return… when you reach out to strangers without counting what you will gain– or if you will gain anything at all… When you give a part of yourself, just because you know there are others in need and you have something to give…

Everything comes back to you, one way or the other.  Somehow the value of the material thing that you gave away will never measure up to the joy that you will get back.

A lot of times i ask myself what my purpose in life is.  Yesterday, i was reminded that every good thing I do does not go unnoticed…

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The joy of giving… priceless.




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