On this rainy friday…

What has happened so far…

  • I took out an old pair of black skinny jeans and was thrilled to find out that they still fit.
  • I look sexy in said jeans
  • They are playing ’80s music over the radio
  • I just heard Melt with You by Modern English
  • I was able to watch another Criminal Minds episode (without He-Man hovering over me, asking me why I enjoy watching such disturbing shows)
  • Note to world: I love Criminal Minds.  He-Man can’t do anything about that.
  • Note to self: STOP obsessing about Derek Morgan
  • Checked email.  Got a writing project (Yay!)
  • Replied to project coordinator. Tried to sound formal and professional.
  • Failed at sounding professional.  Excitement gave me away.
  • Opened ym to chat with besties.
  • Found one friend and one cousin to chat with.
  • Cousin’s internet connection conked out. Was left with friend.
  • Friend decided too busy to chat, logged off before I can say supercalifragilistic….
  • Listened to A-Ha’s Take on Me for the second time.
  • Checked my email again for first assigned writing work.  No new email yet.
  • Note to self again: Don’t harass project coordinator!!
  • Checked out FB page for interesting news/status/ posts. Found nothing worthwhile.
  • Checked the weather forecast for the weekend. It says more rain.
  • Listened to the song Footloose. 
  • Attempted to do a Kevin Bacon.
  • Stopped self from doing a Kevin Bacon.  Wedge shoes made it difficult.
  • Decided to blog.
  • Tried to write something inspirational or profound.
  • Decided not inspired enough to write something inspiring.
  • Ended up with this entry.
  • Went back to obsessing about Derek Morgan. Sigh! (It’s the weather!!!)
  • Realized I have to turn mommy mode on and hit the groceries… otherwise family will go hungry the whole weekend.

Having said all that… Now wishing everyone a fun weekend ahead.

Keep safe. And warm!!!

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* lovin’ the rain *


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rainy days and weekdays…

there’s something about the rains that make me quite melancholic. 

as nice as it is to experience some cool breeze after a period of hot summer days, the heavy rains somehow dampen my mood. the dark skies outside seem to make me feel gloomy, as well.    

i don’t know if it’s because the rains can easily keep one from going out.  not that i feel like going out, but i want to have the choice of going out or not.  since i am not especially fond of the idea of being drenched in the rain, then i am stuck indoors. 

have you ever seen those films or ads where a guy and a girl are enjoying the pouring rain together, both drenched, both looking so  happily in love?  well, that’s a cool picture.  of course every dreamer wants that.  but in real life, it’s not always a picture perfect experience.  your clothes get soggy. your make up smears.  your eyeliner leaks to the sides of your face making you look like a crying clown.  and the hair!!!  my hair get all stringy at the first sign of rain… i can give Medusa a run for her money if i get caught dead in the middle of a rainstorm.  i can’t blame my partner if he freaks out upon seeing the Medusa-‘do. 

… another sad realization… what if you’re outside, stuck in the rain, all drenched, and all alone?!  all alone meaning you have no partner to share the non-enjoyment with?  isn’t that so miserable? 

okay, so maybe i’m being too negative.  it can be nice staying indoors.  nice to stay under the sheets when it’s raining outside. nice to fall asleep while listening to the pitter patter of the rain… nice to just sleep the afternoon away…

Hah! Who am i kidding?! as much as i hate being under the sun and i loathe the heat, i do love the sun.  Sunlight somewhat gives me hope.  It perks me up.  It shoos away this dreary feeling that i get when it rains.

Boy, do i feel like the itsy bitsy spider right now.  Can’t wait to see the sun come out again so i can go up whatever spout i am supposed to climb…