Oh happy day…

So many reasons to be happy


First day of a new month.  My site reached 800 hits.  I was able to chat with two of my best friendsI look amazingly pretty today.  I saw George Clooney on tv this morning.  I still fit in my old jeans21 days ’til Glee. I am in the mood to write.  I finished something I had to finish on time.  I made someone happyNever ending supply of coffee.    Saw my favorite boy Marco yesterday and the thought still makes me smile.  Listening to not-so-old songs that bring back loads of memories. Thoughts of Christmas.  Thoughts of Christmas shopping

The knowledge that yesterday may have been bad, but it’s over and done with. And now I have today.

Today I smile.


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photo credit: weheartit.com


Things that made me smile today…

1.  Looking at the picture of my favorite boys — my son and my two nephews.  They are just so adorable it melts my heart.

2.  Watching my son’s baseball game.  I didn’t just smile. I roared and cheered.  It was just pure joy watching those boys play.

3.  A facebook message from a ghost from the past. Made me realize that there are people you forget, and there are people who remember you.

4.  Justin Bieber song  Baby.  Drives me crazy everytime I hear it, yet once it’s in my head, I simply can’t stop singing.

5.  Unexpected bank account balance.  There is a money angel after all.

6.  New red lipstick.

7.  Buying something nice for my sister.

8.  My baseball mom friends.  Their stories, jokes and paranoia.

9.  A little boy named Marco.

10.  Staying under the sun and the scorching heat without being catty and whiney.  Helps to know that I don’t sweat, I glow.

11.  Enjoying a long shower after a hot, exhausting day. 

12.  A monkey bear.

13. Writing a seemingly senseless blog… Just because.