Invincible… not!

Sometimes you really have to listen to what your body is saying, and give yourself a break…

Over the weekend, i was down with really bad colds, cough and on-off fever.  I tried to fight it — even watched my son’s baseball game Saturday morning– but, well, when you’re weak, you’re weak.   I left the baseball game early and decided to rest — in front of the tv.  I must be really sick because there was a Criminal Minds marathon showing and i kept dozing off in the middle of an episode.  And to think that it’s one of my favorite shows!

I ended up sleeping practically the whole afternoon.  My body has long been craving for undisturbed sleep and I had to give it just that.

I am feeling much better now.  Still having some sniffles, and coughing fits every now and then, but i am up and about.  Sometimes we just have to let nature — or in this case, the virus — run its course. 

When you can’t fight anymore, stop for a while.  Recharge.  No use trudging and not getting anywhere.  Sometimes, rest is good. 

Now i feel like a new person.  

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It’s good to be back.



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Superhero Me

Two Fridays ago, i woke up feeling like there’s a ball stuck in my throat.  It was hurting pretty bad and i thought i was having an onset of colds or tonsilitis.  Quietly, i told the people at home that i had a sore throat.  Maybe i said it in a very quiet way that nobody seemed to have minded.

That same night, He Man arrived and said he wasn’t feeling well.  When i told him my throat has been hurting since morning, the reply was : “You can’t get sick! Somebody has to take care of Mr. Big!” (please refer to Cast of Characters page to know who Mr. Big is).  For some reason, I got instantly healed that weekend… or maybe my throat cooperated — for Mr. Big’s sake.

Last Friday morning, my throat was acting up again.  It felt so dry and again, it was hurting.  (I don’t know why but i keep getting sore throats on Fridays… hmmm.)  Again, I quietly told the people at home that I wasn’t feeling too well. 

That afternoon, when i picked up The Son from school, I found him sitting quietly in one corner, flushed and feverish.  And so we headed straight to a clinic so a pediatrician can take a look at him.   Since the Son was obviously sick… and someone had to take  care of him… well, my sore throat was once again forgotten.   

I guess it goes with the territory.  When you’re the mom — and a hands-on one, at that– you are not allowed to get sick.  You are expected to stay strong and healthy so you can hold the fort 24/7.  Though most of the time you are thought of and treated as a mere “hero support,”  when the going gets tough, Super Mom is the one left standing.

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Ultimately, the last man standing… is a woman.



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