Limited connectivity

So there I was, trying to reply to facebook comments, chatting with a cousin from the other side of the world, and doing some online banking at the same time (yes, I am a great multitasker!).  I also planned to blog afterwards.  But for some reason, my FB posts just won’t get sent, my cousin just stopped responding, and I can’t access my bank account.  Worse, I can’t access wordpress.  When I checked the internet icon at the bottom of the screen, there’s a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside.  When I directed the cursor there, it said “Access: limited connectivity.”

I waited several minutes, hoping that I will get reconnected.


my dream job in my past life

While waiting… CSI Miami’s showing. Oh, but it’s a rerun.  I have seen this already.  Switch to next channel… I didn’t know that there are so many Top Model Franchises.  I think I saw Australia’s Next Top Model the other day.  Now it’s Canadian version.  The girls look pretty normal, too.  Made me remember that time in my life when I thought I wanted to be a model.  Now I’m jealous… it’s not even 9 in the morning and I want to give myself a make-over.  Yeah, I want to lose ten pounds, too.  Wish I’m back to being skinny…    

After about thirty minutes of watching Canada’s Next Top Model — and feeling bad about that hearty dinner i had last night, I checked my computer and yey! I am back online.  Now I can continue whatever it was I was doing before I got disconnected.  That is, if I remember what I was doing before I got disconnected.  Oh, yeah, multitasking.

So I went back to facebook… tried to reply to my cousin in ym… went to my online bank account and wordpress.  Everything was smooth sailing until… Until I tried to send another message, and then I saw that small yellow triangle with exclamation point again… Limited connectivity.  What the ?!

Patient person me.  I can wait awhile.  Nothing is urgent at this time, anyway.  I can just say hi to my cousin again later… pay bills in a little while… I can even write my blog on MSWord and just copy and paste later.  Yes, I can just wait ‘til my connection gets restored.

Funny, when I checked my ym window, it says I am still online.  Maybe my cousin thinks I’m still here but I’m just ignoring her.  Great. 

Limited connectivity.  I think it pretty much describes how I am at times.  I think it happens to everyone.  There are times when I am physically here, yet part of me is not (like my mind is wandering in la la land). I call it my version of astral projection… mostly happens when people I am talking to are either nagging or just won’t stop talking about themselves.  Somehow you just can’t help but tune out.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a good listener, but there just are people who just challenge one’s listening skills. 

It has been fifteen minutes since I last got disconnected.  Ten minutes to stay online and fifteen minutes off.  Hmmm, makes me wonder.  Do I do that to people, too? Listen for ten minutes and tune out for 15?…  That’s not so nice, huh?

Who knew there would be a lesson learned from a malfunctioning internet

My connection is running again… which means I have to make it quick and do everything I have to do in ten minutes (as the on-off pattern has dictated).   Wish me luck…

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In the alternate world…

Sometimes when I am all by myself (which is very rare), i get to think about how different my life would have been if i didn’t choose to be a domestic Supergoddess.  Not that i don’t like where I am — because i chose this path to begin with– but surely there are times when i wonder what my alternate reality would have been like.

In my alternate world, the alternate Me is probably… a Victoria’s Secret model.

Okay, so that’s too much. Let’s be more realistic this time.  In my alternate world, the alternate Me does tv ads and photo shoots, patiently goes to “go sees,” and is about 5 pounds lighter.  Maybe alternate Me is dating a tall, hunk of an Italian… or a younger guy… (whoever’s hotter)… Alternate Me lives on her own and travels to other countries at will to go shopping…Alternate Me has a long line of suitors,  all waiting for me to dump hot Italian guy (or hot younger guy)…

Of course, Alternate Me is a spoiled brat who couldn’t live without a helper, a cook and an assistant (think Gossip Girl’s Blair), so I have to have those… or better yet I live in a hotel so i’ll perpetually have room service and a butler.

 Alternate Me loves to shop… wears pretty dresses, and is not afraid of showing some skin.  Alternate Me is also more sociable, parties every weekend and has gazillion friends.  Alternate Me is the life of the party and is not a stuck up witch. 

Everybody just loves Alternate Me…

… and for some reason, my idea of my alternate world is turning out to be shallow and senseless.

In MY reality (the real Me), i don’t have an Italian lover — nor a  boy toy.  I don’t get to do stuff on my own much anymore… I hardly go clubbing, and though I am nice to people, I choose my real friends.  I like shopping (my stress reliever), i don’t like long drives, but I do love staying at hotels.  I don’t have a full time helper nor an assistant (goodbye, Blair), but I have a driver (who’s so big that he can double as a bodyguard).

In MY reality, i’d rather have a quiet night with a book than go to a party.  Maybe i still have a string of admirers hiding somewhere, but they are doing a pretty good job of hiding… I used to want to appear in tv ads (and i did some in my previous life), but now I would rather write a book. 

I don’t have the supermodel body, but i can say i have the right curves at the right places. 

Right now I can say that I am happy where I am.  I may not be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, but i believe I’m the best Supergoddess Mom to my Super Son.  That is achievement enough. 

Besides, being the Supergoddess in a Victoria’s Secret lingerie isn’t all that bad. It’s not bad at all…