When the Universe Tells You Something…

For the Drama Queen Me

In my last blog, I was basically ranting about being so busy that I don’t get to write as often as I would want.  I talked about how my family always comes first and how I am ready to give up things I am supposed to do for myself the moment one family member hollers for me. 

I was pretty sad that day.  It was one of those moments when you want to do a lot of things but you know that you won’t be fair to anybody if you choose to do all.   I wanted to write more often.  I wanted to start on my writing project, but I also am in the middle of planning a major baseball event, that my thoughts are pretty much all over the place.  Throw in the day to day activities of the brood… So the other day, it really felt like something’s gotta give.  Basically it felt like that something was me.

Honestly, I feel bad whenever I see my blog hits dwindling.  And for several days leading to my last entry, my hits were somehow stuck at 3 a day — okay, sometimes 2.  Hurray for me.  I really felt quite low.  But then again, I can’t blame my readers… why will they stay (or come back) if I can’t offer anything new, right?  

I was beginning to feel the pressure.  Part of me was saying, I must blog everyday.  I must have more hits.  Another part was saying, Forget the blog. Start your dream project.  And still another part, Forget all those.  You have a baseball tournament to manage!!

which way now?!

Bottomline is, I felt like I had to explain myself.  I had to explain why it’s taking forever for me to start my writing project.  Explain why my blog stats is in its near-death state.   Explain why I’m hovering over my son as he studies for his exams.  I felt like I had to explain every little thing I do, every choice I make.  Though I don’t really know who I am explaining to… I may be explaining to the wind, for that matter… It just felt better afterwards. 

Maybe, just maybe, at the back of my mind I knew that I wouldn’t feel as bad anymore when I see my blog stats.  I was giving myself reasons to NOT feel bad that no one visits my blog (since there’s nothing new to see anyway).  And I was releasing myself from that pressure of having to compose something even when my thoughts are  in shambles (Pretty much like now?!).  I told myself I won’t force myself to blog if I don’t have anything to blog about… and I won’t feel guilty not having blogged.  More so, I won’t get suicidal after seeing my blog stats. 

That was three days ago. 

And then something happened… again. 

Yesterday was another busy day.  I didn’t get the chance to check my WordPress page the whole day.  Besides, after 5 days of having a mere 3 hits per day, I pretty much knew the trend.  And since I didn’t post a new entry, then all the more I couldn’t expect anything more than 3.

Come night time, just before I went to bed, I opened my WordPress account.  Force of habit.  Some practices are hard to let go of…

Not mine. Though my graph looked somewhat like this.

76. Seventy six. LXXVI.  At ten in the evening, I had 76 hits.  I almost fell off my chair. 

Okay you might be thinking, cheap thrills SGM!   But no, to me that wasn’t cheap.  Not when I was getting used to 3.  76 is a gift!  Though at the back of my mind I was thinking that maybe half of that was from a spam-connected link (sorry, I don’t know the word for it), well I was still happy with the number.  I ended the day with 79.  Of course they had to add 3 more (probably my 3 loyal fans remembered to visit my blog that night).

Whole point of this entry?!  Well, the universe HAS a sense of humor.  Just when you thought you are ready to give up on something, the universe will find a way to make you NOT give it up if you truly are not ready.  Just when you thought you have lost all direction, the universe will show you the way… or will veer you to a direction you can take.

Just when I thought I ran out of topics to write about, well, I had this.  And just when I thought that I didn’t have the time to sit down and write… well, I found the time to sit down and write.  It was just a matter of time management.

When the universe tells you something… maybe you should just listen.

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… but not quite

My bestfriend told me that the last line of my previous entry made her think (see previous entry Almost). 

Sometimes remembering the moments that brought us to where we are today gives us a certain sense of appreciation for the present.

This is for my friends and readers who would like to ponder on the same question.   

Do you have an ‘almost’ that stands out?

Pause… ponder… and  share.  

Tag me when you’re done thinking. 

almost where?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PS… Special call out to the following:

  • Maura from 36×37
  • Sunshine from  Sunshine in London
  • Coffee Moments
  • Pajama Days
  • Ola from Life, love and everything else

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Postscript from the “IT Girl”

You've got Mail!!!

I remember years back when snail mail was still the ‘in’ thing, I used to write really long letters to my best friend.  Okay, I wrote long letters to past loves (shameless plugging, but do check out Flashbacks post)… and whoever I want to write letters to.  For whatever reason, I always seem to forget to say something that I have to write a PS.  At times, I even add a PPS (I think at some point I reached 5 P’s that made me wonder why I had to end the letter when I did to begin with). 

Sometimes it’s just about being forgetful.  Other times, you realize at the last moment that there is something you would still want to share —which you were not able to because you were forgetful...

Regardless. I had so much fun playing tag with friends (see previous entry, I’ve Always Wanted to be the It Girl)  that I forgot to tag other people whose brains I would surely want to pick…

So this is PS…I’m tagging the following:

  • Christy from Mamarazzi Pages – because this means adding another item to her to do list (sorry Christy!). Nah, it would be really nice to get to know her.
  • thypolar life uncensored – because she is reflective and her answers will be interesting.
  • bended spoon – because she has a sense of humor.

Come on gals, join the fun… and don’t forget to tag me back (post a comment) when you’re done!!!

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I’ve Always Wanted to be the It Girl

This post totally has nothing to do with my frustrations — of not being the ‘It Girl’ in high school nor college. 

Several days ago, Maura over at 36×37, invited me to join their game of tag here in blog world.    I am supposed to answer 8 questions and afterwhich, tag 8 people to answer the same.  (Uhm, do I have 8 people to tag??? Now I feel unfriendly. No wonder I wasn’t an It Girl.)

I digress.  Today, I’m “It.” 

Here are the questions and here are my answers… (Very well thought of, if I may say so myself!)

1.   If you could have any superpower, which one would you have and why? 

The power to freeze time.

Photos of Holly Marie Combs

i'm the 4th sister

There was a time when I used to like the show Charmed a lot.  By a lot I meant I watched it every week, without fail.  Nobody dared to bother me when it was on.

I always thought that Piper’s power of freezing time was just so awesome.  Now that I am a parent and I always seem to have about a hundred items on my daily to-do list (and another hundred items NOT on my to do list, yet I do anyway), I wouldn’t mind having that power so I can tick off some while the whole world is on pause.  Sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough.

Said power proves to be useful, too, in the middle of a heated discussion (or fight), especially one that you’re badly losing.  It’s nice to be able to hit the pause button so you can check your notes or clear your head and come up with a better argument.  

2.    Who is your style icon?  

Gretta Monahan.  She makes style and sophistication look so easy.

i just love her

3.  What is your favorite quote?

That which does not kill us makes us stronger – Nietzsche

I used to say this a lot, even without knowing that someone famous had said it first (really, I thought I was the one who invented said quote!).   Each of us has at some point in our lives experienced trials and even pain. Regardless of how bad the situation was or how much pain it had caused you, you will know that once you have surpassed it, you will come out a different person.  Stronger  in ways you never expected.

Best movie quote : “That’s the price you pay for the life you choose.”  

I can still hear the voice of my philosophy teacher in college as he was passionately quoting Michael Corleone.  That line somehow stayed with me. It served as a constant reminder that every choice I make has a corresponding result or consequence.  It kept me grounded somewhat.

And because I am a child at heart… One day not too long ago, I was watching Hannah Montana the Movie with my son and this guy Travis said something to Miley that really struck me… “Life’s a climb.  But the view’s great.”  Very well said, my lad, very well said.

4.   What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? 

Unexpected, from a total stranger.  Pizza delivery guy one night, “Ma’am you are very pretty.  You are so blessed.” 




Blessed was the term he used.  How can you not be thankful? 



5.  What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now? 

Glee: The Music  vol. 1 & Glee vol. 3 Showstoppers

owl | Tumblr

i read at night

6.  Are you a night owl or a morning person?

Night owl.  I feel I am robbed of some hours of my life when I sleep early.  But being a hands-on mom, I have to wake up at 5:30 am during weekdays to prepare for school, and weekends when there’s an early baseball game. I do wake up…grudgingly so.

7.  Do you prefer dogs or cats?   

a place to love dogs

Mr. Big is MUCH bigger

 Since we got our pet labrador (Mr. Big), I can now say I like dogs.  I sing the dog lullabies so he can sleep at night. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


8.  What is the meaning behind your blog name? 

I have to thank a good friend of mine for this.  When I was in college, I told people I was a semi-goddess (a demigod of sorts).  Believe it or not, some people ACTUALLY believed.  I had to come up with the story about me really originating from Mt. Olympus, but that I wanted to commune with mortals (thus, the “semi”).  I had a pretty wild imagination… and some kids are just so gullible. 

i am also one of them

So the goddess moniker stuck.

Last year I met an old classmate in one of the reunions. This friend of mine said that surely I have  evolved.  Called me Supergoddess

And the rest is history.


There you have it.  Eight questions, eight answers.  Now I am passing it on… Unfortunately, I only have two people (okay, three) in mind.

I am tagging Coffee Moments (www.coffeeandskyeblogspot.com) and pinaygoddess. 

Special call out to Ms. Alexandra Potter… if you are by any chance reading this post, I am tagging you as well.

Hope you guys enjoy answering as much as I did.  Phew!

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