as good as it gets

How this Friday went…


  • Got son’s report card.  Scared off   Talked to son’s teachers.
  • Commended son for having such high grades (and I mean REALLY, NERDY high!)
  • Beamed like a proud mama.  (Proud to be a proud mama.  If that makes sense)
  • Brought son to classmate’s house for some activity.
  • Met with sister. Sister decided to ditch SGM when her boys (translation: husband and son) became jaundiced (translation: bored and edgy)
  • Went home to lounge in front of the tv   

    love 'em!!!

  • Watched rerun of Criminal Minds (same episode shown last night) 
  • Watched Australia’s Next Top Model cycle 702 (?)
  • Tried to mimic how Australian models walked… and talked.


  • Forgot to eat lunch, was so busy imitating the Australians.
  • Visited the dentist.
  • Listened to crappy love songs while waiting at the dental clinic. Not by choice. Dentist’s secretary listens to only one station.  Patients have no choice but to bear the music (new form of anesthesia?)
  • Picked up son from classmate’s house to bring him to yet another activity.
  • Found out son and friends are swimming — fully clothed.  “Mom, they threw me into the pool!”  Yeah right.
  • Supermom found extra (dry) clothes for son in the car. Nice one, Supermom… that’s why you’re super!
  • Brought son to next activity
  • Went malling while son was busy.  

    love it!!!

  • Bought a bottle of cologne.  Proud mama deserved a gift!
  • Thought of buying superson a prize for having nerdy high grades.  Didn’t find anything he liked, though. Tough luck!
  • Went home
  • Basically stayed in front of the tv — since son was hogging the computer the whole night.
  • Watched America’s Next Top Model cycle 999 (they never end, really!)

… and then…

  • Watched another episode of Criminal Minds  (did I say I love Derek Morgan?)

Perfect ending for a relaxed day.  Really looking forward to a relaxing  baseball-free weekend, too!



Signing off for the week,





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