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loving the holidays

I spent the most part of the day wrapping Christmas gifts. 

I am not complaining, really.  I think I love wrapping gifts as much as I love shopping for them.  For some reason I find wrapping gifts quite therapeutic.    I even sing — or hum– as I wrap.  I really get transported to another world and when I’m in the zone, nobody dares to bother me.

As I was wrapping — and humming Christmas songs this time — I got to think of the gifts I would want for myself. 

I had to dig in really deep.  You see, as much as I love the whole process of buying, wrapping and giving of gifts, I am not the type who will ask for something for myself.  Of course I like receiving gifts (who doesn’t?!), but I’m fine with anything that’s given to me.  I’m happy enough with just the thought of getting something.   Some people call it being cheap, I call it being appreciative.

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After my last blog entry which was pretty serious stuff, here’s something quite shallow — and yes, bordering materialistic.  Shame, shame, shame!!  But since it’s the holidays, indulge me… 

12 Gifts I WANT for Christmas

#12.  A new cellphone.  With touch screen.  Color pink or white.  With unlimited call and text plan.

#11.  Nate Archibald (aka Chace Crawford) OR Damon Salvatore (aka Ian Somerhalder). Come on, a girl can dream!

be still, my heart...

favorite vampire

 #10.  Latest Glee CD (vol. 4) and the Glee CD Journey to Regionals

#9.  A 60′ Sony Bravia LCD TV with complete home entertainment system. For my Gossip Girl and Vampire Diary nights.

#8.  Complete DVD set of Charmed seasons 4-8.

#7. Complete DVD set of all seasons of How I Met Your Mother

#6.  Victoria’s Secret lingerieOne can never have enough VS underwear.

sale or no sale…

#5.  A gift certificate for a half day photo session with a famous glamour photographer. Make up and all.  Think Nigel Barker.  Such a dream!  Hopefully I don’t faint before the photo shoot even starts

#4.  Escada Perfume.

#3.  Asus Notebook. Preferably pink.  The Seashell Karim Rashid Collection is ultra hot!!!

to die for!!!

#2.  Something inside that little light blue box.   Specifically, Elsa Perreti collection Alphabet pendant with Open Heart Charm.

who can resist?

#1.  A Lexus convertible.

fit for a goddess


Like I said earlier, a girl can dream…

What’s on YOUR wish list?

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The List

...and the countdown begins

The other day I opened my file that says “Xmas List” and decided it’s about time that I update it.  

I made a template for said list years back.  It starts with “Immediate Family,” followed by “Relatives from Side A,” then “Relatives from Side B.”  Next in line will be “Godchildren,” then  “Mommy/Daddy Friends from School,”  then  “Son’s Friends from School/Baseball Teammates,” then “Personal Friends.”  This will be followed by the “Teachers and Coaches” and then “Business Staff/People.”  Believe it or not, I also have the names of the staff of my favorite establishments — the ones who are really nice to me– as well as the guards at the mall. 

Every year, I update the list.  I remove some names… like of the ones who are out of the country, or those people I haven’t seen nor talked to in years… or my son’s old classmates who are no longer his classmates… or old teachers who are no longer his teachers… 

The hardest to remove are the names of the ones who passed away.   Somehow, by keeping their names on the list, it feels like they are still around. (Sigh.)

To retain order in the universe, of course by removing names, I know that there is a big chance that there are new names that will be added.  A new godchild… a new teacher… that really nice barista at Coffee Bean who knows what to make for me even before I enter the store… a whole new set of chosen classmates and friends for the schoolyear… a whole new set of baseball teammates… the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker…

… and the list goes on. And on. And on.  For some reason, it is much easier to add than remove names. 


were you naughty or nice?

I like Christmas shopping.  Okay, so I love shopping, period.  That’s a given.  But there is something about Christmas shopping that gives me a certain sense of thrill.  I like thinking about what to give this or that person.  I try to think hard about what the recipient will truly appreciate.  It is not always easy.  I do have a budget to stick to.  And considering I give gifts yearly, well I do run out of ideas.

Yet despite that, I still think it’s fun.  No, it’s more than fun. It’s exhilarating.  You should see me coming out of a mall or a bazaar after a Christmas shopping spree… you will surely see that big smile plastered on my face.  My feet may be complaining, but my smile will still be there. 

Ticking all the names on my list is quite a feat.  One friend commented that I seem to have a corporate budget given the number of people I want to give gifts to.  And given that it’s already mid-November and I haven’t really started tackling the list, I will need to manage not just the budget but the time, as well, if I want to finish shopping for this Christmas.

But the ever positive shopper in me is not perturbed.  For one, I know that when you give out of the goodness of your heart, then it shouldn’t be difficult.  You will get something back in return.  I believe in provision.  I believe that as I give — cheerfully, if I may add– I will also receive something… whether it’s more shopping time… or more budget… or a genuinely happy smile from the receiver.. or more gifts that are in turn meant for me.  As shallow as it may sound, the shopping experience, to me, is happiness enough. 

As I look at my Christmas list, in a way, I can’t help but be thankful… because I know that the long list, with tick marks and all, signify that I am provided for.   I give because I have. 

160 names and counting… and I’m saying, bring it on!


Note at the end of this year’s shopping list says:

Remember: You are blessed to be a blessing!



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On giving…

Yesterday I learned a very valuable lesson.

When you give and not expect anything in return… when you reach out to strangers without counting what you will gain– or if you will gain anything at all… When you give a part of yourself, just because you know there are others in need and you have something to give…

Everything comes back to you, one way or the other.  Somehow the value of the material thing that you gave away will never measure up to the joy that you will get back.

A lot of times i ask myself what my purpose in life is.  Yesterday, i was reminded that every good thing I do does not go unnoticed…

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The joy of giving… priceless.




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